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Winter is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get ready to bundle-up when you’re living in or visiting New Jersey. The great part of about deciding what to wear for the winter is that there are plenty of options to get the style and look you want. Here are five key men’s winter fashion essentials to have in your collection.

1. Hold on to Your Hat

Keeping your head and ears warm is essential whether you’re facing breezy winter days or rainy winter nights. So, it’s important to use a hat that keeps you warm. You have several options to keep you’re head protected from day to night, too. You can opt for a wool fedora or felt brim hat for the office or daytime meetings. This style hat offers a classic look that can take you from the boardroom to an after-hours networking event. If you’re headed out for the weekend consider opting for a beanie in high-quality fabrics, including cashmere or Merino wool. You can also coordinate your hat with your neckwear, including ties from premium brands, such as Dion Neckwear and Eton.

2. Keep Up With Coats

Your outerwear is an important part of your men’s winter fashion essentials. It keeps you warm and adds an extra layer of protection against the elements. There are several coat options you can choose from, including long trench coats in seasonal monochromatic hues, such as grays, browns and even winter white. You can also opt for wool blend suits or leather overcoats with insulation for added warmth. Consider premium outerwear brands, such as Todd Snyder and Canali. Also, choose the coat style that best fits your needs. For instance, you can opt for a fitted trench coat for colder winter days or a duffle coat that offers more room for a broader physique. Consider casual coats for the rainy or snowy weekends, such as a parka coat.

3. Layer Up With Sweaters

Sweaters are crucial for confronting those crisp and cold NJ-winter weather days. Opt for warm wools and cozy cashmere sweaters from premium brands, such as St. Croix Knits and Psycho Bunny. You can opt for casual pieces in wool fabrics, side-striped patterns in fire-engine red or zipped closures for an easy way to change your look. Whichever sweater you select, always consider the material, color and fit to ensure it makes you feel comfortable and fits into your winter wardrobe. Consider also wearing your sweater over a crisp cotton collared shirt. This offers a professional-meets-preppy look that works for both casual workdays and weekend events. Consider also pairing your sweater with a bowtie and cap for a classic look.

4. Pick the Perfect Pants

Without the right pant, you could easily freeze when the winter weather gets fierce. The perfect pair of pants fits correctly and comes in fabrics designed to keep you warm. You can also pick the right pants to wear for the time of day. Consider wearing wool pants from premium brands with great suiting options, such as Canali. You’ll find winter favorites in trendy patterns, such as herringbone, plaids and pinstripes. You can also opt for color palettes that coordinate with your accessories and overcoat, such as grays and browns. When you’re choosing pants, think about what you’ll need. For example, if you carry your wallet in your pants, opt for pants that have pockets with buttons for professional looks or pants with zippered pockets for casual looks.

To get the perfect fit, consider using a tailor. Your tailor can custom the fit of your pants so that every pocket and crease falls the way it should on your body. With a properly fitted pant, you can keep a professional look that will work for the windy New Jersey winter days.

5. Think About Your Shoes

When you’re hitting the pavement of the New Jersey streets, it’s crucial to wear shoes that will help you grip the wet ground. Chukkas make an ideal shoe to wear in the winter thanks to its grip outer soles. You can opt for handcrafted premium brands, such as Cole Haan, for high-quality Chukkas. Another option to consider is brogue boots. These weather-proof boots are ideal when you’re walking through cold rain and light snow. You can opt for the classic leather brogue boot when you’re headed to the office, too. If you want to opt for a sophisticated look that looks great both day and night, consider Chelsea boots from high-quality brands, such as Bruno Magli and Canali. Just remember to choose shoes that fit your feet comfortably. Consider going to a tailor to get properly measured for your shoe size or even opting for custom-fitted shoes so you can have the best fit.

Men’s Winter Fashion Essentials with Sal Lauretta

The next time you’re heading out in NJ winter weather, make sure you’re prepared with the key men’s winter fashion pieces from head to toe. Keep up with your tailor so you can ensure you’re clothes and accessories fit correctly, and you can weather the winter while keeping warm and comfortable.

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