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Men’s Suit Accessories in Northern NJ

From Wall Street to the law firm to an accounting office, suits are still common practice for many men.

If you’re becoming bored with the same classic suit, there are always a few things you can do to spruce up your look. Adding a few simple men’s suit accessories can drastically improve your wardrobe. No matter what your style is, you can find the perfect men’s suit accessories to spruce up your look and go from plain to super-stylish with ease.


When it comes to men’s suit accessories, cufflinks really are the most commonly worn by both the average and the stylish man. Cufflinks are easy to buy and use, and they can easily add an air of elegance to any man’s wardrobe.

When buying cufflinks, consider basic materials like silver, steel, brass or gold when you’re starting a collection. You’ll want to be able to match your cufflinks to your belt and any other metal you’re wearing.

Brands like Tateossian, Ike Behar, David Donahue and Tokens & Icons are ideal places to start. You may also want to consider ordering customized cufflinks as part of your wardrobe if you wear them regularly or just want something truly special.


Tie styles come and go, from thin to wide and back again, but a few classic ties will become a staple in your wardrobe.

When choosing ties, look for high-quality materials like printed or woven silk and wool/silk blends if you prefer a little bit more texture. If you’re just starting to buy fine ties, go with solids like reds and blues, or with time-tested patterns like micro-dots or skinny stripes.

Choose quality brands like Canali, Dion and Eton. High-quality ties will last you most of your lifetime if you make smart purchases.

Tie Clips

Tie clips have really come back into fashion lately and they make sense if you wear ties regularly. They’ll add visual appeal and you’ll make sure that tie stays straight throughout the day, no matter how busy you get.

Metal tie clips are always the most popular and having a few different options to match your belts and watches is ideal. Choose brands like Wurkin Stiffs, Eton, Tateossian and Tokens & Icons for the most stylish tie clips available.

Bow Ties

Bow ties have become extremely popular in the last few years and they’re a great way for the confident man to add style to his wardrobe. Classic black is ideal for fancy venues and events, but more colorful solids and patterns are best for day-to-day wear.

When you’re choosing bow ties, you want quality materials like silk most of the time. Bow ties made in other materials like fine linen, wool and even cotton can work to add visual texture to your wardrobe, especially for less formal events.

Pick brands like Dion Neckwear, Edward Armah and Italo Ferretti. These men’s suit accessories will stand the test of time and remain in your wardrobe for years to come.

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Pocket Squares

Pocket squares have never gone out of style and are becoming a standard instead of an accessory. While solid colors always work, silk pocket squares with multiple dyed colors and patterns are also interesting to many men. As long as you’re not going to a black tie event, you can wear any pocket square that you like if it matches the rest of your outfit.

Menswear brands like Canali, Eton, Dion and Psycho Bunny all make unique pocket squares that men love. Pick a handful and you can rotate them through your wardrobe to give a plain suit a more interesting look.

Lapel Flowers

When you think about men’s suit accessories you probably don’t immediately think about lapel flowers, at least not if you’re going to work instead of your high school prom. However, lapel flowers have made a huge resurgence in popular fashion and more and more men are wearing them each and every day.

While lapel flowers may not be a daily part of your wardrobe, they can add that little splash of color and elegance you’re looking for on certain occasions. Best of all, high-quality silk lapel flowers are available at Sal Lauretta for Men, meaning you don’t have to go to the flower store and get one that’s only good for one night. A beautiful, simple lapel flower can be one of your men’s suit accessories for as long as you want!

When shopping for lapel flowers, look for ones made of various materials including high-quality silk, leather, metal and even cork. Brands that specialize in these types of men’s suit accessories like Hook & Albert and Edward Armah are your best bet for stylish lapel flowers.


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