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The best mens winter coats make strong fashion statements on their own. You could probably wear them with clown pants and still look pretty good. (We would recommend regular, everyday clothing, maybe even custom clothing, instead. But, that’s totally your call.) Either way, you can feel free to experiment as you mix and match winter coats, suits and accessories.

At the same time, here are a few combinations that have some extra oomph. When you walk into and out of your workplace on a wintry day, they may compel your colleagues to stop whatever they’re doing and admire you.

1. L.L. Bean Baxter State Parka and a Jack Victor Suit

Parkas are brightly colored staples of wintertime. They’ll help you endure the season’s lowest temperatures and fiercest winds.

A fine example is the Baxter State Parka from Maine’s L.L. Bean. It’s made of polyester with a nylon lining, and it’s waterproof and extremely warm. The fur of the hood is fake, which you’ll appreciate if you love animals.

While it might seem counterintuitive, parkas look great with suits, slim suits in particular. You could always turn to Jack Victor when you want a slim suit to wear with this coat. This company offers products in an array of gorgeous cuts and colors. Just make sure your suit jacket isn’t visible when you have your parka on.

2. Todd Snyder Camel Coat and a Brioni Suit

Dark coats are common during the cold months, and for that reason alone, light-hued camel coats are noticeable. They’re very dignified as well, and a standout among them is the Double-Breasted Officer Coat from designer Todd Snyder.

The armed forces boast sharp fashions, and this long jacket proves it. It draws upon naval officers’ coats to create an enticing appearance, one that’ll make you look like a man in charge. It features plentiful pocket space and horn buttons, and it’s made of luxurious double-faced wool and camel hair.

This coat is versatile; you can wear it with formal wear and casual wear alike. However, it’ll look especially stunning with a dark and dashing Italian suit, such as one from Brioni. After all, “Brioni” and “dashing” are practically synonymous. The disparate colors will counter one another perfectly.

3. London Fog Coventry Wool-Blend Overcoat and a Canali Suit

From December to March, you’ll see overcoats just about everywhere you go. Many men rank them among the best mens winter coats.

Among these jackets, the snug and single-breasted London Fog Coventry Wool-Blend Overcoat is special. Its silhouette is striking, and it has a notched collar and side pockets, as well as a secure interior pocket. Despite the name, London Fog is a widely admired American brand that launched in 1923. It’s based in Seattle, and it’s now part of the Herman Kay Company.

You have many options when choosing what to wear with a dark, classy overcoat like this one. Of course, a dark, classy suit would make a good complement. Therefore, a Canali suit would be just right. This company’s products are made in Italy and boast timeless styles, yet they have a contemporary flair to them.

4. Banana Republic Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket and a David Donahue Tie

Put on a bomber jacket and you’ll look instantly, effortlessly cool. Those who wear these coats look like they’re ready for a high-flying adventure, yet these jackets are also appropriate for formal settings.

Worthy of the Bomber Jacket Hall of Fame is the Banana Republic Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket. It has chic rib-knit cuffs, a zip pocket and welt pockets. Once again, if you’re an animal rights enthusiast, you’ll be glad to hear that this jacket is made from imitation suede, a brushed fabric that’s especially comfortable.

There are various ways to wear a suede bomber jacket, but GQ offers this suggestion: Combine it with a gray shirt and dark gray tie. That mixture of grays will create a harmonious yet eye-catching look.

When you’re looking for a gray necktie to equal the quality of your Banana Republic bomber jacket, look no further than David Donahue, a company that has been setting the standard for shirts, ties and other accessories since 1972.

5. Brooks Brothers Newbury Khaki Trench Coat and Cole Haan Leather Shoes

Put on a trench coat and you’ll seem a little more serious. People will know right away that you mean business.

If you’re in the market for such a coat, it’s hard to top the Newbury Khaki from Brooks Brothers. Made from cotton with a woolen lining, it’s water-resistant and single-breasted. With three inside pockets and an undercollar made from imitation suede, this jacket is both stylish and utilitarian.

The Idle Man, a website dedicated to menswear, recommends wearing black leather shoes with trench coats as, once more, the light and dark colors will balance each other well. And, for the ultimate in dark leather shoes, you can depend on the Cole Haan footwear brand.

After a while, you’ll be so used to wearing the best mens winter coats with the best men’s suits and accessories that you might be a little sorry to see the first blossoms of spring.

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