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Transitioning from summer to fall weather can be a welcome respite from the heat to some and a reminder of what’s to come in the winter for others. The best part about dressing in the autumn months is that you can add more variety to your outfit through textures and layers, and it is not yet cold enough to cover up with a heavy coat. Continuing our film inspiration series, this week’s blog will focus on some of the best fall fashion seen in movies.

When Harry Met Sally: Harry Burns

This is often the movie that comes to mind when thinking about the fall. Billy Crystal’s character Harry is all of the 80s autumn inspiration you need for this season. Along with his casual everyday wear, we also see him in oversized blazers, suits, and even jogging tights throughout the film. Harry’s wardrobe in the movie is very reflective of the time. However, it includes pieces that could easily be adapted to wear today, though we might recommend leaving the jogging tights in the 80s. We love the earth tones, the chunky knits, and the classic denim.

Autumn In New York: Will Keane

While this movie is often considered cliche, the fall style is on point. Richard Gere’s character, Will Keane, is effortlessly elegant throughout the film, whether taking a walk through Central Park or attending a black tie event. Though his clothing is not groundbreaking, it is timeless. His mostly wardrobe is primarily black and is focused more on fit than color or prints. This character is an excellent reminder that you do not need much to look your best, but the fit and fabrics are what elevate a look. We love the monochromatic moments, the fall foliage, and the tailored pieces paired with undone hair.

Good Will Hunting: Sean Maguire

Nothing makes a case for the cardigan more than a classic 90s movie. Robin Williams is remembered for many roles, but his character in Good Will Hunting, Sean Maguire, may be one of the most beloved. Williams plays a professor in this role, so his wardrobe is modest, with muted tones. As he shows in the movie, a well-groomed beard can be a fall accessory. We love the cardigan, the well-thought-out layering, and the perfect facial hair.

Knives Out

This film is a great one to get fall inspiration from if you want to layer up but aren’t sure how to do so properly. While their outfits indoors are well put together and tailored to perfection, the male characters in this film also wear coats in the outdoor scene that compliment the look while (assumedly) keeping them warm. From Chris Evans’ knitwear to Daniel Craig’s three-piece leafy green suit, there are plenty of characters in this movie to get inspiration from for your next fall outing. We love the suspenders, the tailored trousers, and the chic outerwear.

Silver Linings Playbook: Pat Solitano

To many of us, fall means football season. Tailgates, backyard barbecues, and going to your local hangout to watch the game are all essential activities during the autumn season. Bradley Cooper’s character, Pat Solitano, in the 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook, shows us that you can support your home team while still looking good. If you wear your favorite team’s jersey, we suggest wearing tailored jeans or slacks with an accessory such as Cooper’s chain in the film. These pieces help to balance the outfit without removing the laid-back quality of the jersey. We love the comfortable but cool looks, the delicate chain, and the hometown pride.

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Ralph Lauretta

Ralph is a co-owner of Sal Lauretta for Men. His areas of expertise include custom clothing as well as being the primary clothing buyer for the store. When not at work you can find him hanging out with his family, reorganizing his garage or watching a Denver Broncos game.