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Woven into the Fabric of Bergen County Since 1974


The superior European tailoring and luxury menswear available at Sal Lauretta for Men is known throughout the Bergen County area in New Jersey, but the story behind the store traces three generations back all the way to the shores of Sicily.

Growing up in Vittoria, Sicily, Sal Lauretta learned the tricks of the men’s tailoring trade from his father Raffaele. He learned how to differentiate between quality material and cheaper cloth, and what nuances of fitting make the cut of a jacket perfect. He learned how the seemingly tiniest of details can affect the entire outcome of a piece of clothing. Little did Sal and his father know then that the art of this classic European tailoring style would be their ticket to success in a new land.

Modern Looks, Traditional Craftsmanship

Trends come and go, but style lasts a lifetime.

Sal and Raffaele left Sicily for America in 1962 and opened up the first version of the store in 1974. Today, Sal Lauretta for Men has expanded to be widely known as northern New Jersey’s premiere specialty menswear shop and tailor. The same artisan tailoring techniques learned in Vittoria so many years ago continue to this day, evident in every piece of made-to-measure clothing created.

We're built on a foundation of quality.

Although many cultural and fashion trends have changed, the need for superbly fitting garments stays the same. Sal Lauretta for Men continues to deliver on the excellence in men’s tailoring started by Sal’s father. In line with the tradition of delivering quality and experience, all of the designer menswear brands now offered at Sal Lauretta for Men are selected with the utmost care, ensuring that customers will be able to keep classic elements of style while staying fresh and ahead of the style curve no matter what they choose.

Ralph Lauretta 201 Magazine Mockup 2023

An excellent reputation can't be bought. It's earned.

In addition to being renowned as an outstanding men’s tailor and having superb menswear options, Sal Lauretta for Men has also developed a reputation for its exquisite, personable service. This is largely due to the tight-knit, family-oriented staff of five sales associates and two tailors. Sal now owns and runs Sal Lauretta for Men with his son Ralph.This marks the continuation of creating and selling top-of-the-line menswear and tailoring from father to son, now serving a new generation. Keeping traditions alive is of the ultimate importance, with standards of craftsmanship and service always upheld to the highest of standards.

Experience The Feel Of Clothing Perfectly Tailored To Fit You.


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Our Team

Sal Lauretta


I was born into the family business back in Sicily. We migrated to the United States back in the 1960's and my father and I worked our way up through the business. We finally accomplished our dream and opened Sal Lauretta for Men in 1974. Above and beyond being a master tailor, our customers love the personal touch and attention to detail that we have always provided.

Ralph Lauretta

General Manager

I was born into a family of tailors and lovers of fashion. For as long as I can remember, I've been enthralled with the form and function that is men's fashion and was even voted best dressed in both middle school and high school. I always preach that we are technically in the retail business, but in reality, we actually strive to be fashion consultants that provide the highest level of customer service. I love to share my knowledge and sense of style with my customers by providing a truly personal, down-to-earth approach that is typically lost at other high-end retailers.

Jorge Hernandez

Sales/Formal Specialist

As long as I can remember I’ve always been into fashion and had a love for clothing. I enjoy expressing myself through fashion and I consider myself to have a great sense of style. My honesty, sense of style, creativity, attention to detail and edginess allows me to assist my customers in not only looking their best, but feeling their best.

Mark DelCastillo

Sales Manager

My father was a Rat Pack fan and he would always watch movies with Sinatra , Sammy Davis and Dean Martin. I remembered they were always dressed to the nines, and their sophistication really influenced my sense of style. At Sal Lauretta for Men, whether you are shopping for a pair of jeans or a 100% handmade custom suit, you will get the same timeless style and the exceptional level of service that you deserve. My customers can always depend on me to let them know what's new and exciting at Sal Laurettas, and to always understand their clothing taste levels and preferences. It was simply how I was born and raised.

Lorena Lauretta

Office Manager

Fashion has always been in my family. My father was a tailor and my mother was a seamstress who made a lot of my clothing, including my own prom dress. For me, the service at Sal Lauretta for Men comes down to the details. When a customer purchases a shirt off-the-shelf, I press the garment and provide it the customer ready to wear. I take great pride in the presentation of our clothing, especially when they are provided as gifts. All items are impeccably folded, wrapped in tissue paper, boxed and wrapped with a bow. At Sal Lauretta for Men, we ensure the presentation is as high-quality as the clothing and accessories.

Joel Mott

Sales Associate

My mother loved fashion. When she would go shopping I would tag along and hit the men's department while she shopped in the women's department. It was through those shopping trips that I started to develop an understanding of what fashion is right for every individual. At Sal Lauretta for Men, I pride myself on crafting the perfect style for my customers-from the perfect fit, to the seamless curation of looks and outfits.

Ted Sharifian

Sales Associate

I have always thought that you don't have your game face on unless you're looking sharp. My clients at Sal Lauretta for Men appreciate the way I make the shopping experience fun. I take the time to know my customers' personalities and dress them according to their style and occasion. I put the outfits together for them and all they have to do is look great from head to shoes!

Fashion for a Cause

Perhaps one of the most memorable ways that Sal Lauretta for Men fashionably gives back is the annual “Behind the Seams” event. Behind the Seams is an extravagant runway show highlighting high fashion in support of Eva’s Village, a non-profit that provides a multitude of social service programs to the less fortunate including shelter, food, substance abuse counseling and treatment, primary medical and dental care and transitional housing opportunities.



“We always want to give back. We prefer to do it locally so we can feel the impact and see the effect.”

– Ralph Lauretta

In the Community

Family is one of the fundamental aspects of Sal Lauretta for Men, and that doesn’t just mean those related by blood. Sal Lauretta for Men extends the idea of family outside traditional boundaries to encompass and embrace its entire community. Giving back to people and programs in Bergen County, and the rest of New Jersey has made Sal Lauretta for Men almost as well known for its philanthropic endeavors as its luxury clothing. Continuing to find ways to help better the lives of people in the area, Sal Lauretta for Men has been a leader in charitable work in the community for many years now.

One avenue that the store uses to give back is, of course, through fashion. Affectionately stating that its “putting the clothes to work here at home,” Sal Lauretta for Men frequently donates clothing to a variety of fundraising fashion events; like 2009′s Designer Show House to benefit the Hackensack University Medical Center. The Designer Show House featured donated Sal Lauretta for Men items.

Sal Lauretta for Men also gives back through various sponsorships, including a men’s fashion show that raised funds for the Bergen County Community Action Partnership. Sal Lauretta even hosted a “Movember” event, and also made generous donations to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts and in support of Jewish Family Services.

Sal Lauretta for Men’s annual fundraisers for New Jersey education and the Midland Park and Franklin Lakes schools help grow awareness year-to-year. Making sure to stay continuously involved in the community and finding ways to support through fashion makes Sal Lauretta for Men a much appreciated aspect of the Bergen County area.

Perhaps Ralph Lauretta says it best when talking about the charitable side of Sal Lauretta for Men: “We always want to give back. We prefer to do it locally so we can feel the impact and see the effect.”

“I am always getting compliments on my wardrobe. I have Sal Lauretta for Men to thank for that.”

Mike Thompson, Midland Park

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