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Men’s Shoes in Northern NJ

If you’re a man that wants to look fashionable, you probably spend a great deal of time looking at fine suits, custom dress shirts, unique ties and all of the amazing suit accessories you can use to perfect your look like cufflinks, tie clips and lapel flowers. You probably also buy the best slacks, denim and casual clothes out there so you always look your best even when you’re dressed down.

The best way to complete a fashionable look is with stylish, hih-quality shoes. Your overall appearance hinges a great deal on what shoes you’re wearing, both in a suit and in casual wear.

Quality comes first.

Men’s shoes are an investment in quality. Not only will a high-quality pair of shoes look great right after you buy them, they will still look great in five years when cared for properly.

When you buy cheap shoes they have poor-quality leather and soles that really can’t be fixed. Premium, high-quality shoes can easily be repaired because their parts are designed to be replaced and fixed. Putting a new sole on a fine shoe is a small investment and you’ll have them for many more years to come.

Best of all, fine shoes can often look better with age, just like a good pair of jeans. Keep them polished and stored properly and you’ll have a pair of shoes that you can wear for as long as you want.

Chances are you’ll want a new style before you actually have to replace your shoes.

Your style matters.

Even if you can’t tell if a pair of shoes looks cheap, other people probably can. Why would you wear an expensive suit with a pair of cheap shoes? They’re just going to bring down your whole look and that’s not something you want.

Invest in stylish, high-quality shoes and your whole wardrobe will improve. You can also rest assured that you’re buying a look that is fashionable and stylish right now when you pick designer brands and names that you know are synonymous with fashion.

Buy the best brands.

Once you decide to make the investment in fine men’s shoes, you’ll see that there are a ton of different brands out there to match your personal sense of style. Whether you wear suits to the office most days or you wear selvedge denim and work from home, you’ll find that well-made shoes really boost your wardrobe.

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Dress Shoes

Men that wear suits and need fine shoes for work each day should be looking for brands that produce shoes that will stand the test of time. You’re going to be walking in your shoes regularly and spending days on end in them, so you need style, comfort and durability.

Look for the fine Italian brands Santoni, Canali and Bruno Magli, stylish shoes by Donald Pliner, and well-crafted American traditional shoes by Allen Edmunds, a company that has been in business since 1922. For men who want quality shoes without breaking the bank, brands like Cole Haan are stylish and affordable without being cheap.

Casual Looks

When you put on a pair of jeans, you’re not going to reach for your dress shoes, even if you love the way they look with your suits. Instead, go for boots and casual style shoes by designers like Santoni, Donald Pilner, Robert Graham and Cole Haan. They make quality shoes that pair well with slacks and denim.


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