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We’re going to let you in on a pretty big secret. Ready?

If you want to look good this winter, the secret to the best winter fashion for men is preparation. In the midst of the cold winter months, you don’t want to get stuck without knowing what to wear and how to wear it. If you have a plan, however, you’ll be set for style success.

Now, it’s not a secret anymore, and that means it’s time to try these exclusive tips to help you find your look this season.

Build Your Wardrobe With Staple Pieces

Staple pieces are considered staples for a reason. Take a great dinner jacket, for example. No man should be without one this winter. You can find them in a variety of styles, including fitted looks from premium brands, like Ted Baker and Stenströms.

Button-down shirts are also a must. They serve as foundational pieces for your suit jackets, evening wear tuxedos or everyday outfits. Start with a solid color button-down from a quality menswear shirt brand, such as Eton or Circle of Gentlemen, and add it to your winter wardrobe. You can even go for bold, seasonal patterns, like leaf motifs and textured prints, if you’re feeling daring.

A pair of wool trousers is another winter staple that is on the top of our list of the best winter fashion for men. Ted Baker, Canali and Peter Millar all offer classy options of this classic. If your holiday parties have yet to stop, an elegant tuxedo option in wool is always a solid choice. To finish it all off, add a pair of leather Chelsea boots or lace-ups from high-end shoe brands, such as Donald Pliner and Cole Haan, to complete your look and your closet.

Take Advantage of Your Tailor

Get your sleeves shortened or cinch in a slouch waistband with the help of a tailor. Having a great tailor ensures sure that you always look great, and who doesn’t want that? If your new velvet blazer is everything you want and more, but the fit is just a little off, a tailor can help to customize it. A professional tailor is your secret weapon for perfecting winter fashion. Honestly, a tailor is your secret weapon for every season.
Go Dark

Go Dark

It may be tempting to wear all white in the winter to stay true to the snow, but darker hues are starting to take over. Not only are darker shades more common in the collections of designer brands, like Ted Baker and Canali, but they work well to complement existing wardrobe pieces. You can’t go wrong with peacock teal, burgundy and jet black when it comes to this season’s best winter fashion for men.

Don’t overdo it.

Less really is more. Whichever staple piece you choose to fill your closet with this winter, you don’t want to go overboard with overbearing styles and prints. For example, pairing a paisley bow tie with a paisley print shirt with a velvet dinner jacket in a paisley motif may be taking the mix-and-match trend a little too far. Instead, try going for a subtler look by mixing different textures in the same hue for a winter vibe that’s both fashion-forward and easy on the eyes.  

Use accessories.

From pocket squares and bowties to belts and suspenders, the options to accessorize are practically endless. A good accessory can take any outfit to the next level. Neckwear in fashionable fabrics and belts in fine leathers need to be in every man’s closet this winter. Premium brands like Trafalgar, Italo Ferretti and Dion Neckwear are known for their accessories.

Consider quality.

The quality of your clothes can make or break your outfit, literally. It’s important to pay attention to the details so that you only choose items that can withstand the test of time. Look at the pick stitching in suits or the construction of shoes before making an investment in a piece that you want to be a winter fashion staple.

Since you now know that preparation is the secret to the best winter fashion for men, take advantage of all that these tips have to offer. If you follow our style advice, you’ll be the best dressed wherever you may go this season. That’s a promise.

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Ralph Lauretta

Ralph is a co-owner of Sal Lauretta for Men. His areas of expertise include custom clothing as well as being the primary clothing buyer for the store. When not at work you can find him hanging out with his family, reorganizing his garage or watching a Denver Broncos game.