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In-Home Wardrobe Consulting in Bergen County

wardrobe-consulting-bergen-county-njBetween late nights of paperwork in the office and back-to-back social engagements with friends and family, things can pile up quickly—leaving little time to take care of the essentials. However, a fully packed professional and personal schedule need not interfere with looking great.

Imagine the confidence that comes with the ability to get fitted for custom menswear while enjoying the comfort of being at home. Think of the ease of being able to be around in time for dinner with the kids before they head to bed, while still being able to prepare an ensemble for that upcoming cocktail party; unwinding in the living room, relaxing as the details of a made-to-measure suit are discussed.

Full Wardrobe Consulting in Northern NJ

Not only can Sal Lauretta for Men attend to the customer’s needs for fitting a custom suit or jacket; complimentary wardrobe consulting is also available. Men looking to build a new wardrobe that is more representative of their taste will find choice guidance during their in-home consultation. Those that are seeking advice on how to incorporate trends into their day-to-day look will also find expertise from the visiting Sal Lauretta for Men associate.

Wardrobe consulting begins with taking an inventory of current pieces in the customer’s closet. Then advice is given on what should be kept, what should be tailored, what should be discarded and what additions would be beneficial. Keeping in mind the individual, classic aesthetics and current trends; a wardrobe consultation offers tips on preparing for upcoming seasons, pairing pieces, finding a signature look and more.

Men can also expect to hear helpful tips such as trendy ways to style a scarf and the essential elements of layering. Questions on collar shapes? Wondering which pieces travel best for easy coordination? Just ask. A Sal Lauretta for Men expert can advise no matter what sort of sartorial queries arise.

Flattering garments are within reach thanks to Sal Lauretta for Men’s in-home tailoring and wardrobe consultation services that fit with even the most hectic of schedules. Experience the rich heritage of fully customizable tailoring in the classic European tradition…from home.

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