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You’ve rung in the new year and popped the champagne and now it’s the perfect time for both you and your man to start fresh. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about breaking up; we’re talking about a new wardrobe. If you want to help your man to upgrade his style in the new year, take a look at some of the latest fashion trends for men that he should start following in 2019.

1. Mix-and-Match Patterns

While New Year’s resolutions are all about getting your life together, the fashion scene in 2019 is all about messing with tradition. Matching is out, and mix-and-match patterns are in. Runways and collections have been embracing clashing patterns, from pairing large images with pinstripes to combining polka dots and paisley patterns. The key to pulling off this trend is to mix the sizing of the patterns, like coupling a large motif trench coat with pants that have thin stripes or small polka dots. This keeps the outfit fun without being too overbearing. If subtlety is more your man’s thing, have him piece together different patterns in similar hues for a balanced, monochromatic look that still stays on trend.

Try upgrading your man’s wardrobe with check patterns, paisley prints, florals and more from premium brands, such as The Good Man Brand and Eton. Choosing a pair of well-made jeans from premium denim brands, such as Jack of Spades, AG Jeans and Joe’s Jeans, will add a classic touch to the whole look.

2. Exaggerated Shoulder Lines

Exaggerated shoulder lines are another trend that’s changing the game for men’s fashion in 2019. Corneliani’s Fall 2018-Winter 2019 runway show provided a sneak peek into the exaggerated shoulder look that’s taking over in the new year. You can also catch brands like Ravazzolo and Sanyo embracing the broad shoulder line look in outwear pieces and suit jackets.

It’s all about balance when it comes to this latest fashion trend for men. To help your man achieve the right look, have him balance out pieces that feature exaggerated shoulders by pairing them with lofty jackets with turtlenecks. Premium sweater brands, such as Bugatchi, Robert Graham and St. Croix Knits, have endless options that make rocking this 2019 men’s fashion trend possible.

3. A Love for Leather Pieces

While mix-and-match patterns and exaggerated shoulder lines are pushing the envelope when it comes to the latest fashion trends for men, a classic love for leather pieces isn’t going anywhere in 2019. Leather should still be a staple in your man’s wardrobe, and for good reason. It can help anyone stay warm and look sleek during the winter. If you really want your man to stay extra warm, a heavier leather, like the deerskin coat from Corneliani, is the best move. Other brands, such as Gimo’s and Bruno Magli, also offer high-quality leather options to choose from.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to get the man in your life to accessorize, have him take his leather look to the next level with well-crafted belts in exotic patterns, such as the leather crocodile belts from Trafalgar.

4. Tailored Looks

Tailored looks are another trend that will never go out of style, no matter the year. Iconic menswear brands, such as Canali, are known for their craftsmanship in creating tailored looks. So, it’s no surprise that their runway shows for 2019 were all about tailored pieces.

A perfectly tailored pair of pants, suit jacket or blazer can effortlessly make your man seem put together from head-to-toe. He doesn’t have to do it on his own, though. A professional tailor can help customize his look for a fit that’s all his own, and he can go to one right in Bergen County.

5. Happy Hues

Happiness is a good look on anybody, and, this season, so are “happy” hues. These happy hues include a mix of both muted and vivid colors. Your man can go for dusty pastels in shades like sage and mauve or opt for bold, black backgrounds that make floral prints in fire engine red and taxi cab yellow really stand out. High-end brands, like Peter Millar, Eton and Corneliani, are featuring button-down shirts, trousers, and other professional and casual pieces in these colors that pop. 2019 is the year of wearing colors that scream “happy.” It’s a good thing to be, after all.

Help Your Man Reach His Style Potential in 2019

This year’s latest fashion trends for the men in your life can help him start off 2019 strong and stylish. Have him try with one or two of these trends to start, and, before you know it, he’ll be the one telling you what’s trending for next year.

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