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Men’s Casual Clothing in Northern NJ

When a lot of guys think of fashionable men’s clothing they think of suits, sport jackets, trousers and more upscale items that they wear to work or out to a nice dinner. However, most guys just don’t stay dressed up all the time, and even if you wear a suit to work most days, you probably want to spend the weekend in your favorite pair of jeans.

That doesn’t mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed or like your clothes are the same ones every guy is wearing from the department store down the street. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to men’s casual clothing and you can express yourself and your sense of style quite easily.

Men’s casual clothing styles can come and go, but buying fashionable brands from a reputable menswear boutique will guarantee you’re always in the loop.

Men’s Denim

Denim styles change pretty quickly, but one thing that never changes is whether or not denim is popular. It’s always going to be fashionable and it’s always going to be a staple when it comes to men’s casual clothing. After all, you can wear denim to a baseball game, to a backyard barbecue or even out to a trendy restaurant with a nice shirt and sports jacket.

If you want to have the most fashionable pair, ask a Sal Lauretta for Men consultant what’s popular right now. They’ll be able to show you a variety of different colors and cuts that work for you.

Denim Brands

High-quality denim is practically worth its weight in gold, so buying well-made brands is important. If you buy high-quality denim, you’ll be able to wear the same perfect pair for years and years to come.

When it comes to brands, pick makers like AG Jeans, Brax, Joe’s Jeans, or 34 Heritage. These brands are stylish and incredibly well made, so they’ll remain in your wardrobe as long as you want to wear them. Best of all, they’ll start to look better as you break them in.

Men’s Casual Shirts

Men’s casual clothing is often hard for guys to choose and one of the hardest areas to focus on is shirts. While it’s easy to buy another white dress shirt and wear it with everything, it isn’t always the best look.

Instead, men should focus on high-quality woven shirts, made of the finest cottons, short-sleeved shirts with unique and exciting (yet grown-up) prints, and shirts with interesting details and contrasting fabrics.

No man’s casual wardrobe is complete without a variety of well-made casual shirts that go beyond the handful of fine quality t-shirts you already have.

Shirt Brands

There are tons of decent shirts out there, but if you’re a man with discerning taste in men’s casual clothing, you need to focus on the best menswear brands. They’re worth the extra money and they’ll stand the test of time in your wardrobe.

When buying men’s casual shirts, look for brands like Robert Graham, Bugatchi, Eton, Canali, Peter Millar, and Culturata. The experts at Sal Lauretta for Men will be able to show you items that match your personal sense of style that you can include in your casual wardrobe.

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Men’s Sweaters

Sports jackets are great for evening wear, but you probably don’t want to wear one all the time. That’s why sweaters are a staple of men’s casual clothing and they pair perfectly with casual slacks or denim.

In terms of men’s sweaters, you’ll find lots of different materials and styles out there. For most men, solid-colored sweaters in fine materials like cashmere, merino wool or luxury cotton are essentials. You can choose sweaters with different textures or patterns, but more basic ones should be a staple in your wardrobe because you’ll get so much use out of them while looking your best each time you put one on.

Sweater Brands

Sweaters will last if you buy quality ones from the start. Shop brands like St. Croix Knits, Canali, Robert Graham, Bugatchi, Thaddeus and Psycho Bunny. All of these brands will add style and excellence to your casual wardrobe.

Men’s Shorts

A lot of men don’t have too many pairs of shorts in their wardrobe, but you should be sure to have more than a few pairs of gym shorts. You can buy sophisticated, elegant men’s shorts in a variety of materials.

Shorts Brands

A lot of guys just go to the department store for shorts, but if you wear them during the summer regularly, you need stylish shorts that you feel confident in. Instead of the basic, generic brands, go for brands like Robert Graham, Psycho Bunny, Bugatchi, AG, 34 Heritage and Tailor Vintage.

These shorts will look great with your casual shirts and you’ll be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


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