Sal Lauretta for Men

takes great pride in offering custom clothing and shirts that are
only manufactured in North America and Italy.

Custom-Made Clothing in Northern NJ

custom-made-clothing-bergen-county-njSal Lauretta for Men takes great pride in offering custom clothing and shirts that are only manufactured in North America and Italy. Depending on your needs, Sal Lauretta has the ability to offer different types of custom-made clothing.

Modern Bergen County men know that being well-dressed isn’t just about projecting an air of stylish excellence, but also one of self-awareness and intelligence. Working with a tailor that understands the nuances of fabric and silhouette while simultaneously listening to the needs and expectations of the customer is of the utmost importance.

Look no further than the top-of-the-line custom fit process at Sal Lauretta for Men. Customers can expect exclusive, personalized service through every step of the process, whether they are celebrating with their first custom item or returning for a new piece.

Sal Lauretta for Men has been cultivating long-lasting relationships with customers for generations thanks to outstanding service and years of traditional European tailoring experience. Customers are guaranteed to have a memorable custom clothing experience with the renowned staff at Sal Lauretta for Men.

The Sal Lauretta Custom-Fit Process

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Custom-Made Clothing Options and Services

Custom Suits and Jackets

Taking more than 50 different measurements to guarantee the finest fit, these custom suits and jackets are completely handmade utilizing a full canvas construction. More than 30 models of custom suits and jackets are available to select from in addition to various printed silk linings.

Mother of Pearl, true horn button options as well as functional sleeve buttonholes are also available. All hand-made custom clothing is made in Italy and finished at Sal Lauretta for Men by hand.

Custom Dress Shirts

Sal Lauretta for Men custom dress shirts (made right here in northern New Jersey) can be made from more than 3000 top-of-the-line fabrics. For the perfect fit, 25 measurements are taken through three different body fittings. Customers can select distinctive details such as button/collar/cuff styles and add personalization with contrast fabric detailing, monograms and logos.

Generally received in three to four weeks, custom dress shirts have a faster fabrication time than other Sal Lauretta for Men custom pieces, which helps to ensure quicker delivery while maintaining superb quality.

Custom Dress Pants

When you have custom dress pants made for you, a Sal Lauretta for Men tailor will take all of your measurements to make a pair of pants with your ideal fit. No two men are exactly the same and a pair of pants off the rack is never going to be exactly perfect.

When you work with a skilled tailor who specializes in custom work, you’ll get a pair of custom dress pants that fit better than any you’ve ever owned. For most men, that’s worth the price of admission into the world of custom clothing.

Custom Men’s Accessories

Sal Lauretta for Men helps any gentleman put unique finishing touches to their outfit with custom-made accessories. Working with the customer, Sal Lauretta for Men can create custom shoes, belts in alligator and Italian leathers with contrasting stitching and buckle options can be created.

Custom-Fit Process

A good process is a testament to a quality product. Sal Lauretta for Men takes great pride in offering custom clothing and shirts to men throughout Bergen County and northern NJ. Our comprehensive custom-fit process comes down to four stages – measure, select, design, construct – that results in a custom suit or piece of clothing that is unique to you.

Made-to-Measure Clothing

For the man interested in extensive measurements or adjustments to his clothing, Sal Lauretta for Men offers a full range of made-to-measure clothing options. With more than 50 different models of jackets, functional sleeve buttonholes, linings and buttons to select from, all garments are made in North America and Europe and completed by hand using only natural fibers.


An excellent choice for the man shopping for opportunely priced custom suits/jackets; convenient Accumeasure ensures the best fit with up to 16 different measurements in various posture changes. A variety of premium linings and buttons are available. Accumeasure suits, jackets and trousers ship within 7 to 12 business days.

Premium Fabrics

Sal Lauretta for Men uses premium fabrics from preeminent European mills to create custom suits, jackets and trousers. Customers can select from more than 6000 fabrics including Ermengildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino and more. There is no limit to the possibilities at Sal Lauretta for Men.


“Men’s day-to-day life and personal style create clothing needs.
We’re here to meet them.”

~ Ralph Lauretta

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