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Many men think buying a standard suit off the rack will be good enough and have never ventured into a custom-tailored suit. While an off-the-rack suit may look okay, maybe even “pretty good,” if you have an excellent tailor, you’ll never come close to the exceptional look you’ll get with a custom-tailored suit.

Many guys have asked us, “How much does a custom-tailored suit cost?” so we’ve broken down the costs of a superb custom-tailored suit by looking at the process of creating your one-of-a-kind custom suit.


When you choose to have a custom-tailored suit created, the first and most vital step is to take your measurements. A proper fit is essential, so the measurements will be exacting and thorough. Your unique measurements will serve as a baseline for the rest of the process, so they must be precise.

Tailors don’t generally charge for these measurements if you’re ordering a custom-tailored suit, as the cost includes the measuring. Generally, the price of a custom-tailored suit is not based on the time taken to ensure proper measurements but on the type of material the suit is crafted from.

A measuring tape and other items to make a custom-tailored suit.

Suit Materials

An essential component in a custom-tailored suit cost is the type of material you choose. Whether you’re looking for lightweight linen, warm wool, wool blends or even cotton blends, this step in the process influences the quality, and in turn the cost, of the suit more than any other.

Your tailor will be able to guide you through the process of picking the right material for your needs and budget. Most tailors have options that will produce everyday, durable suits and others that are well above the quality you will find in most menswear or department stores.


Adding extra details to a custom-tailored suit is like adding features to your new car. A standard model is relatively affordable, but more ornate hardware and unique features will reflect a higher price.

When you’re having a custom suit made, you have the freedom to pick all of the details. Single-breasted suits generally cost less than the more formal, double-breasted suits. Basic plastic buttons will cost less than enamel buttons, which are going to cost less than gold, silver or onyx buttons. As with everything, higher quality means a higher price but generally a more formal and luxurious look.

The lining that you choose for the inside of your jacket can also increase the final cost of a custom-tailored suit. If you want fine silk, it will cost more than the more basic lining types. Multiple, specially-sized interior pockets for your essentials can also increase the final cost of your custom suit.

Your tailor will work with you to craft a suit that meets your needs and budget. There are generally reasonable compromises if you have something specific in mind but don’t want to pay high prices.

Mannequins showing off a variety of materials available for custom-tailored suits

Overall Cost

It’s challenging to specify an exact dollar amount when asking about a custom-tailored suit cost. The answer is that a well-built, tailored suit can start at $1,500 or so and climb up to $6,500 plus.

Just as with a luxury car, you can get anything you desire out of a custom suit. If you have one made that’s relatively basic with durable, cost-effective materials and minimal extras, you won’t be looking in the higher price range. Men who choose high-quality wool, fine silk lining, bone buttons and two or three extra interior pockets are going to pay more.

Does Quality Matter?

Men who ask how much a custom-tailored suit costs are often thinking of their short-term expenses. While that’s an important factor, you can’t think about buying a custom suit in the same way you think about buying a pair of jeans.

When you buy a custom suit, you’re paying for more than just something to wear. You’re paying for superior craftsmanship and a fit that you just can’t get when you buy off the rack. Even made-to-measure suits can’t offer the same incredible fit that you’ll get when you purchase a custom-tailored suit made exclusively for you.

Another benefit of a custom suit is that it will last you many years. Unlike most of the clothing you buy in the department store, a suit custom-made by a skilled tailor won’t wear out in a handful of years.

Many men who buy custom suits wear them for ten years or longer. There’s no reason you’ll have to toss a custom suit out, as long as you can still fit in it! If quality matters to you, the question of “How much does a custom-tailored suit cost?” becomes even more complex. After all, can you put an exact value on one of the world’s finest suits?

Customize your style with a custom-tailored suit

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