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A tailored process 40 years in the making.

A suit that's unique to you.

A good process is a testament to a quality product.

Sal Lauretta for Men takes great pride in offering custom clothing and shirts to men throughout Bergen County and northern NJ. Our comprehensive process comes down to four stages that end with a custom suit or piece of clothing that is unique to you.



The preliminary custom-fit measurements taken at Sal Lauretta for Men are the basis for the entire look.

Customers can place confidence in the knowledge that their custom clothing will look fantastic and fit their lifestyle, thanks to the Sal Lauretta for Men tailors’ dutiful attention to detail during the measuring process.


Deciding on the fabrics to be used for handcrafted, designer menswear is an exciting part of the custom-fit process. Customers are sure to find the perfect fabrics for their tastes and needs with the help from the Sal Lauretta for Men team.

Fabrics are suggested depending on the customer’s lifestyle, expectation and price range. Individual style is also taken into account when selecting from more than 6,000 high-quality fabrics.


The Sal Lauretta for Men custom-fit team works with the customer to design items that fit superbly while expressing the customer’s unique personality and tastes.

Whether the customer is looking to re-create a look from a film, create a suit inspired by a spread in GQ or simply get a classic piece made to personal specifications, the team listens to what the customer wants and works to create that exact vision.


Taking into account the measurements, fabrics selected and the specifically customized design, Sal Lauretta for Men will employ one of their exclusive custom manufacturing partners to construct pieces by hand using traditional European-style craftsmanship.

One-of-a-kind, beautiful and timeless pieces are constructed that deliver on quality and style. This completes the unforgettable experience of the custom-fit process at Sal Lauretta for Men.

Experience the Sal Lauretta Custom-Fit Process.