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Many guys are happy to pick up a dress shirt from a department store table or rack, taking it home and making it part of their regular wardrobe. After all, you know your size, and unless you’ve gained or lost weight, that’s as good as a dress shirt can be, right?

The simple answer is a resounding no. A department store dress shirt isn’t the be-all-end-all when it comes to fine men’s shirts. No matter what you spend on a dress shirt in a department store, it won’t be the ideal fit or style for you unless you happen to have the exact dimensions as a mannequin.

That’s why men who are in the know when it comes to fine clothing choose to have custom dress shirts made exclusively for them at Sal Lauretta for Men. While you may not know how or where to have custom dress shirts in NJ made right now – or even why you need custom dress shirts – this guide is here to help.

Keep reading, and you’ll understand why buying custom dress shirts in NJ is your best bet if you want to look and feel your best every day.

Why Should I Buy Custom Dress Shirts?

If you’re like most men, you’re probably wondering why you should take the time or make the investment to have custom dress shirts made. The short answer is that a custom dress shirt has qualities that one you grab off the rack in a menswear or department store won’t have. Here are a few reasons you should consider investing in custom dress shirts:

The Right Fit Every Time

All custom dress shirts start with the measurement process. Every man is unique, and that’s something that off-the-rack shirt-makers can’t consider in their mass production factories. A machine makes department store shirts to specific measurements, but not the measurements of your unique body.

When you have a custom dress shirt made, measurements are taken similar to those you would have taken for a suit jacket. This step is crucial because every man’s body is different. A tailor can excel at creating a piece perfectly fitted for your body type and size with the proper measurements.

For example, you could be a bit taller than the average man who shares your chest size, leaving your shirts feeling short and pulling out of your pants all day when you want them to stay tucked in. You could be slimmer or broader than the average man. Your chest could be larger or your shoulders wider, causing shirts to stretch or fit incorrectly. There are myriad ways bodies differ from the average size used to mass-produce the dress shirts you find in stores.

That’s why precise measurements made by a skilled tailor are so essential for a proper shirt fit. When you buy custom dress shirts in NJ, you’ll end up with a shirt that fits right, every time.

Tools of the trade for measuring custom dress shirts in NJ

Better Quality

One of the main benefits of custom dress shirts is that you’ll end up with a better overall quality of materials and production. The human attention to detail that a skilled tailor puts into each and every shirt ensures the quality and every piece.

When you buy from a menswear or department store, the shirts are made entirely by machines, packed up and shipped to stores as quickly as possible. When you buy custom dress shirts, you’ll have a real person who understands your measurements and needs overseeing the manufacturing process and inspecting every shirt crafted for you to make sure they are exactly what you were looking for.

This attention to detail results in a shirt made for your body that will last many years and will still look great each and every time you wear it.

Choose Your Fabric

When you buy custom dress shirts, you have the option of what material will be used. There are many options to select, from high-quality natural cotton to durable blended materials or the finest linens on the market.

Buying custom dress shirts can also allow you to find unique colors that fit your wardrobe and sense of style – colors that you may not be able to locate in the department store. By buying custom shirts, you’ll be able to tailor the exact color and fabric texture to look perfect with any suit, blazer, pair of slacks, or even your favorite jeans.

Fabrics available for custom dress shirts in NJ

Choose Your Details

Another great benefit of having custom dress shirts is that you get to choose all of the details and specifications of your shirt after you pick out your chosen fabric. When you buy in a menswear or department store, you are stuck with whatever the manufacturer chose.

For example, with a custom-made dress shirt, you can choose how wide or pointed your collar is, whether or not your dress shirt has a rounded or square bottom and more. You even have various choices when it comes to the buttons on your shirt and whether or not you want French cuffs or standard cuffs. You can even select different buttons for your cuffs and your shirt if you’re going to make a statement or have unique cufflinks you’d like to use.

If you’re unsure of the right style for your shirt, an experienced tailor can help you make the right choices based on your needs and style.

Whether you labor over every detail or let the tailor take the lead, you’ll always have a custom-tailored fit and an exceptionally high-quality shirt when you choose a custom dress shirt over one off the rack.

How Do I Find the Right Tailor?

When you’re ready to have custom dress shirts made, finding the right tailor is a crucial step. While you might think any tailor could do the job, that simply isn’t the case.

Custom dress shirts require specific measurements and an established skillset that most tailors don’t have. When choosing a custom dress shirt maker, you want a tailor with years of experience and one that deals primarily in custom clothing – not just modifying pre-made suits as many average tailors do.

There’s a big difference between modifying an existing piece of clothing and crafting one from scratch, and most tailors who don’t work in custom clothing aren’t up to the task. Pick somebody with years of experience in the custom clothing business, and you’ll be proud to put on the dress shirts made for you every morning.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see samples of the shop’s work, either. Tailors who care about their work will proudly show off their craftsmanship.

Now that you understand the benefits of custom dress shirts give us a call to schedule your consultation and up your style game.

Customize your custom dress shirts in New Jersey

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