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A bespoke suit is a work of art, a thing of beauty. No machine currently in existence could create a garment that fits so perfectly. It can take someone dozens of hours to make one, and that care will be evident in every inch of the final product. If you truly care about high fashion, you ought to learn as much as you can about these stunning items.

What Is a Bespoke Suit?

To begin with, it’s important to understand what distinguishes this kind of suit, especially since the term “bespoke” is frequently misused. Even tailors and fashion companies sometimes use the label incorrectly.

A bespoke suit is not a made-to-measure suit, although the latter is often called the former. When you purchase a made-to-measure suit, a tailor takes a preexisting suit pattern and alters it for you. Some companies do more alterations than others, and in some cases, computer programs aid with these modifications to make them more precise. In addition, overseas tailors often work on made-to-measure suits in order to keep the costs down.

By contrast, a bespoke suit is created entirely from scratch according to your exact measurements and specifications. In the process, a whole new suit pattern will be designed just for you.

The word “bespoke” is the past tense of the old-fashioned verb “bespeak.” When you bespeak something, you order it. Thus, this kind of suit is made to order for a particular customer.

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A World of Options

When you order one of these suits, you get to choose all kinds of details, such as the width of the pattern and the number of buttons. If you’d like a pocket in an unusual place or your name printed somewhere, you can request it. Actually, you can be as creative as you’d like, so long as your suggestions are physically possible.

You have free range in terms of fabric. And you might be shocked to learn how many fabrics are available. You could have hundreds of choices, particularly if your clothing company patronizes 10 or more mills. You’ll also select the suit’s colors which is quite a task, given how many shades of gray and blue there are.

Don’t worry about not knowing precisely what you want, however. The tailor or a sales representative will answer all your questions and give you plenty of personalized advice.

A Time-Honored Technique

To make your suit pattern, the designer will take various elements of your physique into consideration. That person will look at the slopes, angles and arches of your chest, legs and more.

First, you’ll go in for an extensive fitting. After that, you’ll have several additional fittings as your bespoke suit is under construction. That way, the tailor can keep checking the work and making alterations, some of which will be extraordinarily subtle.

The company that’s providing your bespoke suit will keep detailed notes and records about its creation. Consequently, it will have plenty of information to draw on in case you’d like to order more suits.

Remember that just because a person or business offers bespoke suits doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best possible quality. That’s why it’s vital to rely on trusted brands, names such as Canali, Hickey Freeman, Eton and Jack Victor.

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Americans Are Discovering Bespoke Suits

Bespoke suits are common throughout Europe. London, in particular, is famous for them. For whatever reason, they’re not quite as familiar to Americans. In the United States, perhaps fewer than 50 people are capable of making a real bespoke suit. And given the extraordinary amount of skill and labor that they demand, these suits will never be available on a mass scale like their off-the-rack counterparts.

At the same time, in recent years, the prices of bespoke suits have fallen to some extent, and more and more professionals seem to be learning about them. Therefore, they’re not as rare in the United States as they were just a few decades ago.

The Unique Benefits of Going Bespoke

A bespoke suit is generally the most expensive kind of suit. However, consider that wearing a suit that’s top of the line can make you stand out in job interviews, at the office, at conferences and in a wide variety of other corporate settings. If you work in a competitive industry, having the sharpest appearance possible can be a way of gaining an edge over others who have the same qualifications. You and your suit might stick in the minds of potential employers, business partners and investors.

Moreover, leaving home in this type of suit can have strong psychological effects. It could make you feel powerful, special and ready to take on the world. Because you’ll have complete freedom of movement, you’ll feel looser and more relaxed. Not to mention, people who are knowledgeable about fashion will be taken aback the instant they see you.

In short, when every inch of your frame is being supported and flattered by the utmost in sartorial craftsmanship, you should be able to strut your way through any business or social situation. For many men, a bespoke suit is well worth the splurge.

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