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Off-the-rack suits have a somewhat unfair reputation. Some men believe they’re a lesser option than their bespoke counterparts. If you buy an off-the-rack item from one of the brands below, you’re sure to take home an attractive and sophisticated suit. By asking your tailor to make some alterations to it, your new suit will be as personalized, flattering and comfortable as could be. Yes, the best off-the-rack suits can go from a store shelf straight to your heart.

1. Tallia

You might not have heard of Tallia, but this company provides excellent off-the-rack selections. It sells three-piece suits that are slim and stylish as well as outfits that are conservative enough for formal weddings and Wall Street firms. Plus, you can get such a suit for an especially low price — perhaps a few hundred dollars or less.

2. Brioni

Brioni is a more expensive choice for menswear. However, its suits are made by hand from top-of-the-line wools and other opulent fabrics. When people see you in one of these Italian beauties, they’re unlikely to guess that your clothing is off the rack.

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3. Hugo Boss

It feels as though Hugo Boss suits have been around forever. No matter how conservative or daring you want your suit to be, chances are you’ll find a Hugo Boss off-the-rack item to match the image in your mind. Also, young guys should take note: Hugo Boss products make great first suits.

4. Canali

Even the name is luxurious. Canali, which originated in 1934, has become synonymous with elegance. It manufactures some of the best off-the-rack suits in existence, durable clothes made from all-natural materials. They’re appropriate for the most upscale occasions and, as is true of Brioni suits, craftspeople in Italy create these garments with their gifted hands.

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5. Coppley

Coppley combines magnificent quality and affordability. Since 1883, this Canadian brand has been designing suits that reflect current fashions, and they’re made to last. In general, though, these items aren’t showy, so you can wear them to work or to less formal events that still require suits.

6. LuisaViaRoma

LuisaViaRoma makes it easy to find a suit you’ll love. This brand, founded in 1830 and based in Florence, says that 95 percent of its sales happen online. Whether you buy one of its suits in person or on the Internet, you can look forward to a terrific fit and fabrics that are soothing and irresistible.

7. Corneliani

Corneliani clothes are sold in dozens of countries, and it’s plain to see why. Since 1958, its traditional Italian designs and colors have been pleasing men of all shapes and sizes. If you’re feeling bold, you might want to give one of its “total black” suits a try.

8. Hickey Freeman

Many of the world’s best tailors work in Manhattan, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and Rochester, N.Y. If that last city surprises you, you should know that Rochester is where Hickey Freeman is headquartered. At its massive factory, which is nicknamed The Temple, craftspeople labor to design, cut, hem and stitch gorgeous suits.

Hickey Freeman suits are notable for their range. You can get them in conventional colors or in striking hues like tan and yellow. Either way, expect the wools, silks and other materials to be highly alluring.

9. Ravazzolo

The artisans who craft Ravazzolo suits aren’t only inspired by fashion history or current style trends. They draw their influences from the worlds of art and architecture as well. The results can be astonishing.

While the company officially premiered in 1959, its roots extend back to the 1930s, when Giuseppe Ravazzolo opened a business with a group of his fellow tailors. To make a long fashion story short, when you’re wearing a Ravazzolo suit, you’re taking part in a long tradition of excellence. That should make you feel good.

10. Ted Baker

In 1987, the original Ted Baker store debuted in Scotland. In the three decades since, this British clothing company has opened boutiques on several continents, and they’re well worth visiting if you’re looking for a new suit or you merely want some fashion inspiration.

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There’s no doubt that Ted Baker clothes represent real value and have real appeal, with slim fits and subtle patterns. One of the company’s main goals is to make sure that its suits keep performing better and better all the time.

Naturally, off-the-rack suits will never fully replace their bespoke and made-to-measure counterparts. However, there are plenty of compelling reasons to purchase off-the-rack suits on occasion. Their prices are lower, and if you need a suit quickly, they’re the fastest possible option. They’ll also add some extra variety to your wardrobe. When it comes to grace and sophistication, off the rack can be on the mark.

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