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Take a second to recall some special occasions you’ve enjoyed in the past. After that, think about the milestones in life you’re still looking forward to. Now here’s a question: How many of those events involved or will involve wearing a suit?

When you think of it that way, it’s amazing how important the basic suit is. Weddings, religious ceremonies, school dances, proms, dinner parties, business meetings and so many other major moments call for the necktie, the jacket and all the other accouterments of dressing up.

Given the premium that society places on the suit — and given the fact that, deep down, just about every guy wants to look his absolute best now and then — it’s vital to stick to the finest suit-making companies.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 suit brands, that create perennial customer favorites.

1. Brioni

How has Brioni managed to keep up its incredibly high standards since 1945? In Penne, Italy — the same little town where its fabled factory stands — Brioni runs a school for young tailors. Those talented students are trained to craft refined, highly detailed suits from some of the world’s most luxurious fabrics. That’s just one of the reasons why this label is in a class (no pun intended) by itself.

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2. Bugatchi

When its customers think of Bugatchi, many of them think of sleek, contemporary designs. This German company is always keeping track of current trends and looking ahead to new ones on the horizon. The brand has been around since 1981, and it’s headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The materials it uses, some of which are exclusive to Bugatchi, come from a number of Europe’s most celebrated textile mills.

3. Bugatti

Not to be confused with Bugatchi, Bugatti launched in 1978 and originally made coats for men. Its product line has expanded considerably in the years since, and its suits exemplify the exquisite taste of so many metropolitan Europeans.

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4. Canali

Canali has been a family-operated business since its founding in 1934. The company’s suits are known for their ageless appeal and natural, sumptuous materials. Canali has even developed its own principle of tailoring for its craftspeople to follow, one that stresses originality, conscientiousness and what it not-so-humbly calls “aesthetic perfection.”

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5. Coppley

In Hamilton, Canada, which is in Ontario, 250 people hailing from three dozen nations apply their expertise to making beautiful Coppley suits. Though its clients mostly come from North America, Coppley’s tailored clothes are among the best in the world. They’re slightly conservative yet consistently lavish.

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6. Corneliani

During the 1930s, Alfredo Corneliani founded a small menswear company in Italy. In 1958, his sons reinvented that business, turning it into a much larger entity. Among the hallmarks of this time-honored brand’s suits are sleek silhouettes and durable, water-resistant fabrics. Corneliani loves to infuse its products with unexpected details as well: secret pockets, removable jacket pieces and the like.

7. Culturata

Now a division of Luxury Men’s Apparel Group, Culturata is a fashion label that debuted in 2008. Its home office is in Toronto, but its clothing is made near Rome with fabrics from American and Egyptian mills. Yes, Culturata suits are multicultural affairs, and they sparkle with sophistication.

8. Eleventy

In 2007, Eleventy, a new Italian fashion company, sold only polo shirts. Today, this affordable yet chic brand sells an array of men’s and women’s clothes, and it’s poised for massive growth across the globe. Eleventy’s relaxed woolen and silk suits are certainly refined, but they possess an exuberant spirit.

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9. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has called the quaint German community of Metzingen home since its first day of business in 1924. It now ranks among the top 10 suit brands due to the versatility of its products. You can work in these attractive suits, and you can party in them as well. These clothes have a well-deserved reputation for precise tailoring, but they’re relaxed enough that you can kick back and enjoy yourself in them wherever you are.

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10. Robert Graham

Robert Graham, a New York City fashion label that debuted in 2001, believes that its customers appreciate “style and speed.” Thus, the company’s suits are made of super soft fabrics and boast dynamic shapes and patterns. Noticeable from a distance, they’re magnetic suits for magnetic people.

So there you have it: an official list of the top 10 suit brands. Of course, you might have your own list, and it might include worthy names like Jack Victor, Hickey Freeman and Ravazzolo. That’s completely understandable; there are so many suit manufacturers to cherish. If you give one or more of the above companies a try, though, you might find that you instantly fall in love.

On top of that, when you combine the quality of a leading clothing label with a suit that matches your own sense of style, you’ll be a stunner in the office, on the dance floor and on the Instagram pages of your friends and family members.

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