Custom Suits in Bergen County, NJ

Custom suits, also commonly referred to as bespoke suits, are the holy grail of menswear in Bergen County. However, many men, even men who wear suits every single day have never actually had a custom suit made for them, choosing to shop in department stores and menswear shops instead.

While an off-the-rack suit can look okay if you have it tailored, it’s never going to look as good as a custom suit will look on you for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re looking for a single suit or many, custom suits are the way to go if you want the highest quality and plenty of comfort.

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Buying Custom Suits Is Simple

One of the biggest reasons men claim to buy their suits off-the-rack is because the process is faster and easier. Sure, department stores have a variety of suits you can look at, but how many times have you looked through racks of suits to realize that they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for?

When you buy a custom suit you’ll be dictating exactly what you want in a new suit. That means you don’t have to go through any number of pre-made versions until you find one that’s appealing to you or go from store to store until you find a suit you can work with and shape to your desires.

For that reason, buying a custom suit in Bergen County, NJ can actually be a less stressful experience, and when you buy custom you’ll get exactly what you want the first time.

You Can’t Beat Custom Quality

Going to a department store or menswear shop with pre-made suits can net you decent results. Suits that come off-the-rack don’t have to be terrible, and many men who pay thousands for off-the-rack suits look just fine after a bit of tailoring.

However, an off-the-rack suit is never going to be of the same quality as one made specifically for you for one simple reason – off-the rack suits are made my machines, custom suits are made by a real person who cares about and understands the details and finer points of what makes a suit stand out above the rest.

While off-the-rack can look “okay,” okay isn’t the aim of a custom suit, perfection is.

Custom Suit, Perfect Fit

Custom suits are made specifically for you, not for anybody who shares measurements that are similar to your own like off-the-rack suits. That means that when you choose to buy a custom suit the process will be unique to your body shape and sense of style, giving you the perfect fit every single time you buy a suit.

At Sal Lauretta for Men, we have a special process we use to make sure that the suit you end up with is exactly what you want and exactly right for you. Every suit you buy will require the same process because bodies change, and custom suiting is all about getting every detail right.

Details Matter

Buying a custom suit in northern NJ allows you to get the perfect fit in a high-quality material that you’ll love. The craftsmanship will be second to none and your final product will look the way you’ve always imagined a suit should look on you.

But buying a custom suit is about more than the big picture. It’s also about the small details that an off-the-rack suit simply can’t offer you.

For example, when you buy a custom suit you’ll be able to choose the lining inside your jacket based on your own personal preferences. Perhaps you want something warm because you plan on wearing your suit mostly in the winter months. Maybe you want a playful and colorful stripe or pattern to make your suit stand out just a little bit from the rest. Other parts of a suit are also customizable, including the buttons you put on your jacket and even your inside pocket styles.

Whatever your desires, Sal Lauretta for Men of Bergen County can help you achieve them in a timely fashion. Best of all, if you aren’t sure of exactly what you want, our team can help you make decisions that are timeless or completely of-the-now, based on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

The result will be a suit that you can wear with pride that includes details and a style you just can’t get from an off-the-rack suit, no matter how much you pay for it.


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