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Fashion-wise, spring is sometimes a challenging season. For starters, the temperatures can fluctuate wildly, even during the course of a single day. As a result, everything from winter jackets to Bermuda shorts may come into play.

Further complicating matters, for many people, this season is packed with social gatherings. Students graduate and throw parties. It’s a popular time of year for weddings. There always seems to be a charity golf event or garden soiree to go to, and all of these occasions demand first-rate spring outfits for men.

Luckily, the following items can become alluring staples of your springtime wardrobe. Even better, you can build entire outfits around these stunners, which will make getting dressed for a big happening that much easier — as well as a lot more fun.

1. Where There’s a Twill, There’s a Way

When the temperatures rise in late May or early June, khaki chino shorts are a relaxed and versatile option. They’ll make you look extra terrific at your next beach party, and they’re nothing short of a must-own. They are the building blocks of some of the best spring outfits for men. 

These particular shorts come from the trendy 7 For All Mankind label. They feature a slim cut, and they’re made from cotton twill, which is an exceedingly strong and long-lasting ribbed fabric. To complete this laid-back ensemble, go for a denim shirt or a premium T-shirt.

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2. It’s the Fashion Police! Pullover!

When you think of springtime, you might smile and think of warm weather. This season can also provide plenty of unexpected cold days and colder nights to contend with. Warm pieces of clothing are essential through at least the end of April and many guys are pushovers for pullovers. Elegant sweaters often tie together spring outfits for men. You can round them off with a favorite tee or collared shirt and practically any pair of jeans, khakis or corduroys.

This cotton pullover from Bugatti is a simple and durable piece for all kinds of settings. What’s more, the fashion enthusiasts you run into are sure to appreciate its details, including the fine stitching and the striking stripes around the neckline.

3. Havana Tell You Something

Zanella has outdone itself with the pants in its Spring/Summer 2018 lineup. They come in a range of pleasing colors, including Bordeaux, military green and classic khaki. They’re made from a blend of linen and cotton, and they’re modeled after the sumptuous island designs that are common in sunny Havana, Cuba.

These high-waisted khaki trousers exemplify the collection. As is true of the other pants in this group, they have a streamlined appeal that comes straight out of the early 1960s. With these babies on, you can step with confidence into any country club or onto any yacht. Also enticing, these pants would look great with shirts in a wide variety of patterns and styles.

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4. Going Polo

Over the years, polo shirts have earned something of an unfair reputation. When some people hear the phrase “polo shirt,” they feel like yawning, or they picture a dull event like a corporate picnic where the guests can’t wait to go home. That’s a shame because the polo shirt offers a package of class, comfort and adaptability that few garments can match. In fact, polo shirts are often the centerpiece of the best spring outfits for men. 

The Good Man Brand, to name one company, infuses its polo shirts with excitement and sartorial excellence. These items have arresting microprints that attract eyeballs far and near. This dark, three-button shirt, for instance, is covered with little white flowers. The overall effect is as bold and fabulous as the parties you’ll be hitting this spring.

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5. Linens and Things You Should Know

“Casual suit” might sound like an oxymoron, but it’s helpful to have at least one such outfit on hand. These suits are ideal for social events where the attire must be dressy but not overly so.

Here’s an exemplary casual suit from the affordable yet modish fashion company Tallia Orange. The jacket is light blue and lightweight. The gray tie and pants are debonair with an easygoing air, a distinct lack of ceremoniousness. It just looks like a suit that’s asking you to go out and have fun with your friends.

Worth noting, these clothes are made out of linen. Linen absorbs sweat, and moisture is unlikely to damage it. On top of that, it’s highly durable, and it really breathes. Believe it or not, linen also tends to get softer as time goes on. For all of those reasons, it makes sense to put away your wool and heavy cotton suits when winter ends and wear linen suits throughout the spring and summer.  

After a few early spring shopping sprees, you should have enough stylish clothing to last you until the intense heat of summer rolls in. Actually, buying spring outfits for men makes a great annual tradition. Unlike other springtime rituals like filing your taxes or cleaning your garage, this task should fill your heart with the joy and vibrancy for which the season is known.

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