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By the time winter rolls around, most people are already dreading the cold. But, what would happen if you decided to look at winter in a new way? What would happen if you actually embraced the chilly days ahead and saw them as the perfect opportunity to wear the most stylish winter jackets? Cue the Holiday carols and bring on the winter wardrobe because we’ve made a list of the top men’s winter jackets for 2018 that will surely make you excited for this season.

1. Preppy and Color-Blocked Pea Coats

Bundling up doesn’t mean dressing down. You can still make a statement with your coat, and there’s no other statement piece like a preppy pea coat. You can easily throw a pea coat over your favorite sweater or even a professional suit. Not only is it versatile, but it’s also easy to pair with scarves and neckwear for additional warmth. We want warmth! This season, look for color-blocked pea coat options in monochromatic hues of gray, or, if you’re feeling festive, opt for the winter’s trendiest colors, like vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges. You can find a variety pea coat options from high-end brands, such as Canali, to make sure you get that extra bang for your buck.

2. Single-Breasted Blazers

Business casual days at the office are the ideal time to wear a single-breasted blazer. Who doesn’t love a good business casual day? Single-breasted blazers offer a more relaxed look and come in different patterns and fabrics, including the modern checkered options and corduroy fabrics. Corduroy especially can help pull off that “I’m trying to look relaxed but also refined” type of outfit. You know the one.  It adds a naturally warm, classic look and has a durability that can stand the test of time thanks to its ridged texture. It’s also easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance, making it the foolproof, no-fuss staple that your men’s winter jacket collection needs. Look for brands that offer this warm winter jacket option in premium fabrics, such as Jack Victor.

3. The Insulated Puffer Jacket

The cold weather doesn’t just go away when you want it to, and that means it follows you from weekday to weekend. Whether you’re walking to the office or running errands, it’s important to have a more casual jacket that’s both warm and stylish. You can’t have one without the other, and insulated puffer jackets offer just that. They’re the hot new men’s winter jacket of the season and your wardrobe would seriously suffer without one. You can play up the puffer jacket by opting to pair it with high-end denim from premium brands, such as Joe’s Jeans and AG Jeans. Bugatti is another quality brand that offers some great options for puffer jackets.

4. Classic Top Coat

A top coat is just that; it’s the top coat that every professional man should have in his closet. Get it? Seriously, though. A top coat is the quintessential winter wardrobe piece for 2018. When you’re in a colder climate that can face brisk winter days, it’s crucial to have a jacket that goes on top of your professional suit without sacrificing your sophisticated style. Brands like Ted Baker have created more modern options of the classic top coat style, such as the funnel neck coat. A funnel neck also means extra protection from that pesky winter wind, so we say bring it on. Also, consider looking into seasonal fabric and pattern favorites, including herringbone notch collar options, for a modern look that will have you on top of the season’s latest trends. Pun intended.

5. Modern Motorcycle Jackets

The fashion scene has revved it up a notch by updating the traditional motorcycle jacket for fashion thrill seekers of all kinds. No motorcycle required. Thanks to versions fully lined with shearling, matte lamb leather or ones that use shearling as a trimming on the collar, motorcycle jackets have become one of the coolest men’s winter jackets that one can own. They provide a sleek look that will make you feel like James Bond on the weekend and at work. By pairing your winter motorcycle jacket with some Chelsea boots and a pair of wool plaid pants, you’re set to impress at the office. Consider choosing premium brands that offering contemporary looks, such as Joe’s Jeans.

6. Fur Collared Parkas

The weather can be unpredictable in the winter months in NJ, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. Parkas are the best winter jackets for any outdoor weather. They’re waterproof and designed to help you battle the elements, whether that means the rain, sleet or snow that we all just love. Right? This season, you can find parkas with fur-trimmed hoodies that help you keep your head and neck warm on windy days and add that extra. Parkas are also lightweight, making them extremely versatile and able to be easily layered over the rest of your winter wardrobe.

7. The Camel Trench Coat

If you aren’t the proud owner of a camel trench coat yet, you’re going to want to be. This men’s winter fashion essential is big enough to keep you warm on winter nights, yet fitting to the point that it can help to accentuate your shape and all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym. Floor-sweeping trenchcoats make a statement and give the illusion of a taller frame. Who doesn’t want that? If you have a broader physique, double-breasted varieties are the way to go. Trench coats with belted looks and color-blocked sleeves are also a surefire way to add appeal to your ensemble. You can also play with a monochromatic color scheme and mix different hues of brown to match your camel-colored trench coat for a more modern look. Be sure to buy your trench coat in durable fabric options that will last for winters to come, such as Merino wool, cowhide leather or a high-quality wool-cotton blend from premium brands like Jack of Spades.

Men’s Winter Jacket Styles with Sal Lauretta

With these men’s winter jackets in your closet, no longer will you dread the cold months ahead. Now, you’ll see winter as a time to dress your best and show off your style. Let the season begin.

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