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Summer is a time for indulging in your favorites: your favorite white wine, your favorite ice cream flavors, your favorite day trips with your kids. You should add your favorite summer suit designers to that list as well.

To beat the heat at work and social events, breathable and light suits for summer are essential. If you don’t have specific companies to rely on for such products, know that these five are worthy candidates.

1. Brioni

Brioni makes fantastic suits for all seasons, but their products are especially enjoyable in the summertime. Consider this item. The tan jacket and shirt reflect the placidness of the summer months, and they won’t absorb much heat. The dark pants, meanwhile, offer a strong contrast and a little more formality.

The label describes its Spring/Summer 2018 suit collection as “masculine, soft, contemporary and iconic.” It’s hard to sum it up better than that.

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2. Canali

Canali’s warm-weather suits were designed for men who, throughout the summer, always seem to be on a plane or train.

The brand’s light suits for summer are made out of a fabric called Impeccabile 2.0. This proprietary fabric was developed by Canali and is making its debut in 2018. It’s a special blend of wool that’s fully waterproof and super fine.

This material is also insulated, which you’ll surely appreciate if you ever find yourself on a train platform during an unseasonably chilly evening. Impeccabile 2.0 is flexible, too. This man is backflipping, partly because his Canali suit is so comfy and partly because he’s rocking an amazing light suit for summer.

These suits come with a subtle checked pattern or in solid colors. The attractive hues include olive green and dark blue.


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3. Coppley

This year, Coppley is selling lavish three-piece suits with fabric that comes directly from master Italian weavers. As you can see, the snazzy vest and plaid necktie would be perfect for a corporate dinner in July or a fancy wedding in August.

The material is a melange wool — “melange” means “mixture” — and it’s a Super 110s suit. The number refers to the thread count. Any wool with an integer in the 100s is extremely soft and should drape in a pleasing way.

By the way, it might be wiser to choose a number that’s closer to 100 than 200. When wool is higher than the 150s or so, it may be more susceptible to snags, wrinkles and tears.

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4. Hugo Boss

This season, Hugo Boss is emphasizing that its light suits for summer are ideal for weddings. More precisely, it’s promoting its double-breasted suits for city weddings, its chinos and white shirts for beach weddings, and its “classic silhouette” suits for country weddings. And, yes, all of those outfits represent superb selections. They offer plenty of stretch and style galore.

Feast your eyes on the rich details of this Hugo Boss product. Soak in the slim pants and the jacket with the perfectly placed pockets, both made from a delectable, premium wool blend. Then, there’s the poplin shirt, a model of crispness and brilliance. Rounding out this ensemble are the derby shoes. If you put your ear up to your phone or laptop, you might be able to hear their dark blue leather whispering your name.

5. Jack Victor

The tailored suits that make up the Jack Victor Spring/Summer 2018 collection share certain qualities. The fits are sleek. The designs are modern. The colors are bursting with freshness and life. Put one on, and you may feel extra confidence flowing through you. You can walk into any room full of power players and instantly be recognized as a sophisticate, a guy who’s brought his A-game and is ready to roll.

On the other hand, maybe there will be occasions this summer when you won’t need a full suit. Instead, at somewhat more casual affairs, you might want to wear a suit jacket, necktie and pair of trousers that you’ve purchased separately. If so, a Jack Victor coat can help you pull off this look with great panache. This sports coat, with or without a tie, it’s extraordinarily appealing. The pattern really pops, and the jacket could make just about any outfit look dynamic and cosmopolitan. Although sports coats from Jack Victor can be on the bold side, they’re never ostentatious or outrageous.

It’s always a thrill when summer is just around the corner. You might get the feeling that many children experience on the last day of school: a slow building of excitement, a compulsion to keep gazing out the window at sunny skies. Hopefully, your summer 2018 will be sizzling and unforgettable. At the very least, if you purchase any of these light suits for summer, you can be certain that your clothing will be.


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