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Maybe you think that seeing a tailor isn’t right for you. Perhaps you believe there’s not much difference between custom tailored clothing and off-the-rack attire. You might feel that visiting a tailor is like dining at a fancy French restaurant; you’d rather eat steak than foie gras, whatever that is.

The truth is that custom clothes are for everyone. In addition to fitting perfectly, they can save people significant time and money over the long haul.

Presto Change-o

Have you ever seen a stage magician who seemed to make things disappear and reappear? Well, a large part of the art of magic involves getting the audience to focus on something and look away from something else. For instance, if a magician is sticking a card into his sleeve with his right hand, he might wave his left hand in the air. People will naturally watch the waving hand and ignore the other one.

Tailors cast a similar kind of spell. Thanks to years of training, a tailor can craft a suit that will draw attention to certain areas and deflect attention from any parts the customer doesn’t want people to notice. The result is an outfit that will make the wearer look more strapping than ever.

Having a suit with the ideal fit and drape is no small matter. If a suit is a little too roomy in places, it can make your body look like it’s sagging. On the other hand, if your suit is too tight in one or more spots, you could be in for hours of uncomfortable distraction.

More Reasons to See Your Friendly Neighborhood Tailor

Beyond the fit, custom tailored clothing has much to recommend it. It tends to be much more durable than the off-the-rack variety. Tailored clothes are made from fabrics that not only look and feel great but are as tough and rugged as they come. Plus, the stitching is beyond compare.

Tailoring is convenient, too. You just go to a tailor’s shop and have a pro take a bunch of measurements. Your tailor can then use those numbers to make as many suits or other articles of clothing as you’d like. You’ll have to go in for alterations, but those adjustments shouldn’t take long. By contrast, if you try to find pre-made suits that you like, you’ll probably need to go to multiple stores. It can be a time-consuming, impersonal and occasionally frustrating experience.

With a generic suit, you might find that the elbows or knees soon start to look worn. After wearing such a suit several times, the colors might not look as sharp as they did when you bought it. Even if you spend a little more money on a tailored product, it very well could last you longer than two or more store-bought suits. In the long run, the better investment is clear.

Depending on the types of material that are used, your tailored suit might be able to wick away moisture and resist stains and odors as well, all of which would boost its comfort level and appeal.

When Tailoring Saves the Day

Some events are tailor-made for tailoring. Take job interviews. When a manager interviews you, that person expects you to put forth your best effort. That means responding with your most thoughtful answers and, yes, showing up in your most dapper clothes. If you look a little slovenly, your would-be employer might conclude you don’t care that much about the position. It could be a major strike against you.

Social events can be more enjoyable when you get to show off tailored attire. When a suit is built around your precise measurements, you don’t have to worry about your pant legs riding up or pooling around your feet. You don’t have to keep looking at your cuffs to see if they need to be pulled down. You don’t have to worry about your appearance at all, in fact.

Instead, you can concentrate on chatting with as many people as you can and exuding that life-of-the-party energy. When you walk around with that kind of confidence, you’ll have an appealing presence and your smile will beam at full wattage.

Whether an invitation calls for a formal suit, a sports coat with trousers or a more casual type of clothing, calling your tailor ahead of time is a bright idea indeed.

No matter your body type, fabric preferences or sense of style, there are tailored suit brands ready to please you. To name just a few excellent examples, you might select a made-to-measure Corneliani suit, a stretch tailored suit from Hugo Boss or a snazzy Ravazzolo number. Of course, it’s hard to narrow these options down to a few when such a brilliant rainbow of suits awaits.

When you get down to it, the quality, fit and sheer impressiveness of custom tailored clothing cannot be matched by mass-produced items. They’re not even close. You’ve been warned.

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Ralph Lauretta

Ralph is a co-owner of Sal Lauretta for Men. His areas of expertise include custom clothing as well as being the primary clothing buyer for the store. When not at work you can find him hanging out with his family, reorganizing his garage or watching a Denver Broncos game.