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Men have a ton of choices when it’s time to get a haircut or update their style. More and more, guys are opting out of the expensive salon cut and going for something a bit more old school.

The barber shop, not dissimilar to the one your father and grandfather probably went to, is very much back in style. In fact, it seems like a barber poles are appearing all over NJ, and they’re all looking for your dollar.

How are you supposed to know which ones are worth your hard-earned cash? Use this list of the best barber shops in NJ. You won’t be disappointed with your cut or the overall experience.

1. Stag House

barber shops in njStag House barber shop, located in Glen Rock, is hands down one of the best barber shops in NJ for every single guy. While it wouldn’t be out of place in the heart of Manhattan, Stag House remains relatively low key, at least in terms of décor and the friendly way you’ll be greeted.

Whether you’re looking for a classic side part or you want a high fade and a centered mohawk, Stag House can do it for you. They also mix up their own shaving cream in house, so you know you’re going to get one of the best shaves in Jersey.

2. Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor

Iconic says they offer upscale barbering for modern gentleman, and that certainly seems to be the truth. From the classic barber chairs to the chalkboard prices, Iconic is a bit like stepping back in time – in a good way.

When you go to Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor you can rest assured that you’re going to get a killer cut, no matter what your style is. Just make sure you call in advance, and make sure you go on the right days.

They’re closed Sunday and Monday, just like grandpa’s barber shop was.

3. Little Joe & John’s Barber Shop

barber shops in NJIf you’re looking for a barbershop that really feels like it is right out of the 1950s, you don’t have to look any further than Little Joe & John’s Barber Shop. While the prices might not be the same, pretty much everything else is.

Best of all, they’ve been open in Glen Rock since 1964, so you can be sure they know what they’re doing.

Get a cut, a shave and hang out with the guys at one of the best barber shops in NJ, or anywhere in the world for that matter.

4. Virile Barber Shop

Hip barber shops with plush rugs and bulldogs on the floor seem like they’re everywhere these days, but Virile Barber Shop really does it right. From the insanely good haircuts that you’ll get from one of their master barbers, to the classy and ultra-masculine décor, you really can’t go wrong here.

While the price may be a bit higher than your average $15-20 haircut, it is well worth it for the man that wants the perfect shave, cut or even a double shave, for that ultra-close face or scalp. Virile Barber Shop is truly one of the best barber shops in NJ if you ask any man in-the-know.

5. Vincent’s Barber Shop

barber shops in NJIf you want to go to one of the best barber shops in NJ, and one that’s truly old school, head to Vincent’s right away. Open since 1905, there’s very little that Vincent’s can’t do for your style.

Just know that it isn’t quite like some of the new barber shops. You’ll get a great cut, but there’s no scotch and soda here. It’s cash only, too.

6. Gents Barber Studio

Somewhere between a salon and a traditional barber shop you’ll find Gents. It may not have the scotch and espresso machine, but what it does have is expert barbers who can give you the style you want every single time.

It’s also a barber shop that isn’t too “cool for school”, meaning you won’t feel out of place if you stop in on your way to the gym instead of in a three-piece suit. Believe it or not, a lot of older guys feel out of place in those ultra-hip barber shops. This isn’t one of them, and that’s a good thing.

7. Chateau Gentleman’s Quarters

barber shops in njWhile it isn’t exactly a no-frills barbershop, CGQ as it’s known to regulars, isn’t a snobby place either. You’ll feel comfortable there, but you’ll also be given great service, and your barber might even make you a negroni if you ask nicely.

Prices aren’t the lowest in town, but they aren’t the highest either, with a shave coming in around $35 and cuts in the same ballpark.

For many guys, it’s worth it, and the quality provided is second to none, making them one of the best barber shops in NJ.

8. MarkDaniel Barber Shop

It might be last on this list, but MarkDaniel Barber Shop certainly isn’t last in terms of quality. In fact, they’re certainly one of the best barber shops in NJ!

From the incredible cuts that always come out the way you want to the immaculate shaves, MarkDaniel truly is hard to beat. That must be why they have a 5-star rating on Yelp and tons of devoted, loyal regulars.

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