wedding tuxedos njWhen it comes to weddings, most men think of suits.

After all, these days, most guys are going to be wearing a dark colored suit at a standard wedding since they aren’t as formal as they used to be.

In some cases, men are even going to be wearing lighter-colored suits that are seasonal and fashionable in the moment.

However, if you are having or simply attending a more formal wedding, you may be wondering where to buy wedding tuxedos in NJ.

While there are certainly more than a few places that will sell you wedding tuxedos in NJ, that doesn’t mean that they are all the same.

Buying a tuxedo isn’t always simple, and you need to make sure that you get the perfect tuxedo for you. You’re going to be spending a good amount of money on a high-quality tuxedo, so you don’t want to regret your purchase.

You’re also going to want to keep a tuxedo for many years. They’re not like suits, and you won’t want two or three in the closet unless you happen to spend most of your nights at black tie galas.

Buying wedding tuxedos in NJ doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you use this guide on where to buy.

Avoid the Big Boys

A lot of guys think about big stores that have tons and tons of suits and tuxedos when they’re considering where to buy wedding tuxedos in NJ. Yes, these stores do have plenty of things hanging up on racks, but they aren’t always your best bet when it comes to buying wedding tuxedos in NJ.

Why not? They can’t offer you the kind of help that you need and deserve when you’re picking out a tuxedo for a wedding and to add to your wardrobe for the coming years. They simply have too many customers to give you the time you need, and for them, it’s not worth it to help you that way.

Most of the men working in these sorts of stores aren’t tailors, either.

They may know what’s popular and they may know what guys are buying, but that doesn’t mean they can help you find the right tuxedo for you. They may not even know what type of tuxedo is right for your body type, especially if theirs is different than yours.

Many men also think that they’ll have more choices in a big store with lots of suits and tuxedos already on the shelves. The fact of the matter is that most stores like that only carry a few brands because they make more money that way.

wedding tuxedos nj

Find a Small Shop

If you’re not going to shop at one of the big stores with lots of pre-made clothes, where are you supposed to go to buy wedding tuxedos in NJ? The answer for most men should be a smaller shop that will treat you the right way and help you get what you really want and need.

One of the biggest benefits of finding a smaller shop for buying wedding tuxedos in NJ is that you’ll be able to spend plenty of time with somebody who wants to help you find the perfect tuxedo.

The men that work in these smaller shops are also more familiar with what is current and popular in the fashion world and what is classic. They’re also going to understand what works for different body types a lot better than the employees in the big menswear stores.

When you work with a smaller shop, chances are you’ll be working directly with a tailor or the tailor will be there to meet with and take your measurements.

That means a better fit from the beginning, which really is the most important part of buying wedding tuxedos in NJ. If your tuxedo doesn’t fit the right way, you’re just wasting your money.

Smaller shops likely have more choices than big stores too, even if they don’t have as much square footage in the store. That’s because smaller menswear stores like Sal Lauretta for Men work with a greater variety of manufacturers and have the ability to do custom work for you.

Big menswear stores are not going to take on any custom tuxedo jobs because it’s simply not cost-effective for them. They want to sell something off the rack, just like one of the other tuxedos in the store.

Smaller menswear stores also have higher-quality items that many of the big stores aren’t able to sell. If you really want wedding tuxedos in NJ that will stand the test of time and look great for years to come, a smaller store will help you get that.

Custom work is also possible through smaller menswear stores. Tuxedos can be designed in almost any material you want, of any quality and with the appointments you want. From cigar pockets to gold buttons, you can get whatever you want at a smaller store, unlike at a big box menswear store.

wedding tuxedos nj

Locate a Great Tailor

Fit really is the most important factor when it comes to buy wedding tuxedos in NJ. If your tuxedo doesn’t fit the right way, you won’t look good, even if you spend tons and tons of money on the best tuxedo out there.

When you work with a smaller menswear store, you’ll get a fitting with skilled tailor. In many cases, you’ll have the very person who will work on your tuxedo help you pick out the one that you really want.

Working with a tailor has more benefits than just getting the perfect fit, though. A good tailor will be able to help you find the right style and make sure every detail is right for you. For example, taller guys tend to look good in cuffs, but men under six-feet may want to avoid them.

Lapel width and other details also play a big role in how you will look, and a skilled tailor who is up on what’s popular and what’s stylish can be the difference between you looking like you stepped off a fashion runway or like you just left your 1980s prom.

Find a small shop with a good tailor and you’ll leave with the tuxedo you really want. If you’re getting married, it’s absolutely worth it. If you’re buying for a wedding, you’ll have a tuxedo you can wear for any formal occasion for many years to come.

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