There are a lot of men out there who have never put on a tuxedo before, and even more men who have never been to a truly formal event that required one. Whether you’re getting married, are a groomsman or just attending a black tie wedding, it might be time to deal with your fear of the ever frightening “penguin suit”.

While you probably won’t wear a tuxedo often, you might want to consider buying instead of renting. If you’re only thinking about renting, you’ll be surprised by the high fees that you can incur just for one night of wear.

Keep reading to learn more about wedding tuxedos in Bergen County. There are pros and cons to both buying and renting, and making the right decision for you isn’t always as clear cut as you might think.

Will You Wear It Again?

A lot of guys like wearing a tuxedo because it of the confidence it gives them when they look great. Some men even wear tuxedos to formal events that aren’t specifically black tie. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you love how you look and feel in a tux, you might want to consider buying one so you have it in the back of the closet instead of relying on constant rentals.

However, some guys don’t like wearing a tuxedo and much prefer the look and feel of a suit. If you’re one of those men, or you don’t plan on wearing the tuxedo more than a few times a year, chances are you don’t need to buy one, or at least not one that’s very expensive.

The fact is that most formal events don’t require much more than a black or midnight blue suit. Paired with the right tie, shirt and shoes, you can look nearly as dressed up in one of those. Bottom line, if you only need a wedding tuxedo in Bergen County for one night, renting may be a better option.

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Consider Your Lifestyle

There’s a rare kind of man out there – the kind of man that wears a tux at any given formal opportunity because they simply just enjoy it. If you’re one of those men, it should be obvious that you need a tuxedo of your very own.

However, even guys that wear a tuxedo two or three times per year can benefit from owning their very own. You won’t have to pay high rental fees each time and you won’t have to go back to the tailor every single time you need one.

You’ll simply be able to pull a tuxedo that fits well out of your closet and put it on! The cut will also be much better since your very own tuxedo will be tailored for your unique body.

What’s Your Style?

Not all tuxedos are the same, and the fact is that most rental wedding tuxedos in Bergen County are designed to fit the needs of many different men who are a similar size. That means that most rental wedding tuxedos in Bergen County are going to be very basic, and they probably won’t show off much of your personal flair.

Wedding tuxedos that you rent are also not going to have the perfect fit. They might be close, because your tailor can make some slight improvements for you, but they’re just never going to look like a made-to-measure, bespoke or even an off-the-rack and tailored tuxedo would.

If you’re the groom and you’re getting married, do you really want to have an ill-fitting tuxedo in those photographs you’ll be looking at in 20 years? Get a tux that fits right and spend the money on buying your own.

What’s Your Budget?

Guys that are getting married should bite the bullet and buy a tuxedo for the big day. If you’re having a formal wedding, chances are you’re already spending a whole lot of money, and a tuxedo thrown in the mix shouldn’t make much a difference in the long run.

If you’re just attending a wedding or you’re a groomsman, budget should definitely be a concern. Guys that aren’t looking to spend a lot and don’t need a tuxedo probably shouldn’t splurge for a one-time use. Renting wedding tuxedos in Bergen County is probably best for the cash-strapped man or the guy on a tight budget.

However, if you think you might wear your tuxedo again and the cost won’t hurt you too much, you should consider buying your own. You’ll have it around when you need it and you’ll be the best dressed guy at the wedding you’re going to.

Are You Traveling?

Another thing to consider for guests and groomsmen is how long you’ll be out of town if the wedding is in another place. It’s not uncommon to be gone for five days for a wedding (if you’re a groomsman) when you consider travel time. Even guests can be away from home for three or four.

Consider rental costs versus buying costs. If it’s going to be $400 for a rental and you can get a decent tuxedo for $1,500, buying once might be the better option if you’ll get any use out of it in the next few years.

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