wedding suits for menThere once was a time when everything one needed to know about wedding suits for men could be fit into the sidebar of a very thin book.

What a man wore to his own wedding or for a wedding was at most an afterthought.

Men simply went to tuxedo rental shops, gave their measurements, and walked out with their rented gear.

Everyone was so focused on the bride that the wedding may as well have been called Her Big Day.

For the most part, the only ones who put any major thought into wedding suits for men were people who could afford to order bespoke suits made of the finest fabrics and have those suits tailored to their personal whims and tastes.

Today, this thinking is ancient history. Men actually do give a hoot about how they look when they step out the door every day and they most certainly care about how they look on their wedding day. Designers are lining up to create gorgeous men’s suits that allow men to look so great on the big day, they almost steal the spotlight.


Classic Italian craftsmanship, exquisite linens, extreme comfort and a big dash of modern flair are what you get when you treat yourself to Canali suits.

This family-owned company has been creating beautiful, extraordinarily luxurious menswear in Italy since 1934, so it’s perfect for the man who’s eager to please his grandma (Italian or otherwise) but who also wants to make sure that his own contemporary style is represented on the big day.

Whether the wedding is a laid-back, outdoor affair or a formal, black-tie event, Canali has the perfect suit. A classic-fit, wool Canali tuxedo in black gives off a sleek formal air while making you believe that you’re wearing your most comfortable outfit, while a sleek, tailor-fit Canali wool suit in chalk stripe black gives off a playful, regal demeanor.

wedding suits for men


If you want people to say, “He looks just like James Bond in that suit!” on your big day, you’ll deck yourself out in Brioni if you can. Both Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan donned Brioni suits in their 007 films. If it’s maximum impact you’re going for (and money is no object), Brioni wedding suits for men are the way to go.

Ultra luxurious and exquisitely tailored, the Brioni brand has been dressing Hollywood’s A-list since the 50s, providing formal attire for the likes of Clark Gable and Henry Fonda.

With creative director Brendan Mullane at the helm, the company is dressing the latest generation of men willing to pay the price for perfection.

And men do pay for the honor of wearing Brioni wedding suits; the least expensive ones cost around $6000 and prices go up exponentially from there. The good thing is, they’re worth every penny.

A Brioni slim-fit two-button suit in blue with notched lapels will help you stand head and shoulders above the rest on the big day. If your wedding has more of a whimsical vibe, a Brioni Gaetano jacket with an intricate floral motif will help set the stage for the day. Let your imagination guide you.

wedding suits for men


Men who walk down the aisle wearing Ravazzollo wedding suits for men refuse to be dictated to when it comes to their clothing choices. They’re easygoing in many ways, but when it comes to suits for their wedding, they won’t rest until every detail is perfect.

Ravazzollo lives and breathes for these customers. Silvano Ravazzolo’s team creates exquisite suits that are practically works of art, built using a made-to-measure program that will make practically any body type look amazing.

You can choose from a seemingly endless supply of high-end fabric, linings and even button types to create your perfect suit.

Have a wedding at a waterside hotel in Lake Como, Italy? A light-colored suit crafted from an achingly soft wool-linen blend may be calling your name. Or is the wedding at your university club in the city? A cotton-twill single-breasted suit in a rich steel grey will steal the day.

wedding suits for men


Since 1883, Canadian company Coppley has been making men look great on their big day. With an illustrious past that includes famous painters and a family line tracing back to the 16th century through the United States, the U.K. and Canada, it’s clear that Coppley is a company that takes everything it does very seriously.

When it comes to wedding suits for men, you know you’ll be in good hands.

The company draws on its diverse heritage to create stylish suits that look good and flatter the wearer.

When creating your suit, you can choose from over 450 different types of fabric, so your summer wedding suit could be made of a gorgeous light twill or an extremely lightweight merino, while a formal wool suit in obsidian would help you make a statement during the colder months.

wedding suits for men

Jack Victor

Based in Montreal, Jack Victor has been designing men’s fashion for over a century. While it’s clear that the company reveres, respects and honors tradition, it also welcomes innovative, contemporary styling.

What the Jack Victor client ends up with are wedding suits for men that brilliantly blend classic and modern elements.

All suits are produced in Montreal and shipped to locations worldwide. The company sources exquisite fabrics from the finest mills in Biella, Italy and uses them to create suits perfect for all seasons.

The Jack Victor Select line offers a range of suits perfect for all types of weddings.

Blow their minds by breaking with tradition a bit and showing up to the big day in a Jack Victor plaid modern-fit suit in navy. Navy is stunning and looks good with just about anything. It can hold its own at events both formal and informal.

A Jack Victor slim-fit suit in black is perfect for extremely formal affairs.

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