wedding suits for groomGetting married can be pretty exciting, if not a little scary for most guys.

However, one thing that really shouldn’t scare you about getting married is worrying about what you’re going to wear to your own wedding.

It isn’t rocket science after all, and choosing wedding suits for groom doesn’t have to be such a monumental task.

Looking your best is something that you’ll definitely want to focus on, though. Your friends and family will all be there, and you’ll have tons of pictures taken to remember the big day for the rest of your life.

While your wedding style and your personal style should dictate, at least in part, what you wear to your wedding, there are some tips that can help guide you when it comes to choosing wedding suits for groom.

For most grooms, it really is all about the fit, and that’s the most important part of choosing a wedding suit a groom can wear in style. The wedding suit the groom wears will really dictate the tone of the wedding for other men too, especially the groomsmen.

Use this guide to make sure you’re the best dressed guy at the wedding and that you won’t look dated or silly when you look back on those photos in 10 years.

Custom Suits vs. Off-the-Rack

When choosing the wedding suit a groom will wear, the first thing that needs to be decided is whether or not you’ll go with a custom suit or one already built and off-the-rack. For most men, the answer really should be a custom suit.

Why should you choose a custom suit for your wedding? There are a variety of factors that make custom suits a better option for a very special day like your wedding.

Superior Fit

Getting a wedding suit for a groom should always mean several fittings, even if you buy off-the-rack and have the suit tailored. However, if you go custom, you’ll be able to dictate the fit right from the beginning and get exactly what you want.

When you have a custom suit made for you, the tailor and his team will measure everything from arm length to waist and leg width to help you get that perfect suit. In most cases, you’ll be asked to try the suit on at least once before it is finalized to make sure it’s exactly what you asked for.

Buying a custom suit also allows you to choose whether you want a slim fit, a classic fit, or even an English or classic French cut. When you have a suit made for you, your tailor will be able to show you examples of different cuts of suits so you can pick what you really like.

Best of all, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you’re looking for – even if it doesn’t follow a specific style. Perhaps you like your jacket a little closer to the body and your legs a bit fuller? Maybe you want a double-breasted jacket in a super-slim cut with pleated and cuffed pants? Whatever you want, your tailor can help you to achieve the look.

Working with a tailor also means you’ll get suggestions from a professional who works on suits all the time. That means that when you don’t know what type of styling you want – say on the lapel width or the lining of a jacket – you can get a trusted opinion.

Building a working relationship with a tailor means you’ll have an amazing looking suit for your wedding and the ability to have more made for you down the road to your exact specifications and measurements.

wedding suits for groom

More Material Choices

Buying custom wedding suits for a groom also means the ability to pick out any material that you want. When you purchase a suit off-the-rack, you’re subject to whatever the designers are making at the moment and what a store has in stock.

If you want a specialty material or pattern, you very well may not be able to get it if off-the-rack is your only option.

Custom tailors will have many different materials for you to look at, and you’ll find everything from unique plaids to tropical wool to linen in all sorts of different colors. Having that flexibility is important when you’re looking at custom wedding suits for groom.

After all, you want to look your best and you want to show off who you really are. Having the right suit will make the whole experience a lot better.

In addition to more material selections, the process of buying a custom suit for your wedding also allows you to pick out all the accessories that come with a suit.

Unique buttons can be used for your jacket, high-quality or brightly-colored lining can be used for your jacket and pants. You can even have things added like a pocket for your favorite cigar or cell phone.

When it comes to having custom wedding suit for groom made, the sky really is the limit. Your tailor can help you get anything that you’ve ever imagined out of a suit.

What Should Grooms Get?

Wedding suits for grooms can present a lot of different options, and if you go the custom route, you can have almost anything you want. However, that doesn’t mean you should pick the craziest suit you can think of, or one that simply isn’t appropriate for the occasion.

Formal or Informal?

Picking suits for a wedding means figuring out what the wedding is going to be like. Chances are you know whether you’re having a formal wedding – say in a nice hotel or ballroom – or if you’re getting married in your cousin’s modest backyard.

The style of the wedding should be the biggest guiding factor when it comes to choosing wedding suits for the groom to wear. In general, dark colors like black, blue or charcoal are best for formal weddings, and lighter colors like tan should be reserved for less formal occasions.

The weight of the material is also an important factor to consider when choosing a suit for a wedding. If you’re getting married in January, chances are that heavyweight wool suit will be just fine.

Weddings that take place in the middle of August, though, might require a tropical wool that’s good for year-round wear, or even something like a blended or linen suit.

You don’t want to be sweating through your clothes during an outdoor wedding.

wedding suits for groom

Know Your Venue

The weather outside should certainly be considered when choosing a material for your wedding suit, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you think about.

The venue where you’re going to have the ceremony and reception should also be considered. Even if you’re not having a particularly formal wedding, you may feel out of place in a white linen suit in an old ballroom type setting in a historic hotel, for example.

Think about the venue and how you will look in it on your big day. All eyes are going to be focused on you and the bride, so you don’t want to stand out in the wrong sort of way.

custom wedding suits

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