wedding suit accessoriesPicking a high quality wedding suit can be a challenge for a lot of men, but once you find the right one, you probably feel like you’re in the clear. While you’re almost ready to look your best at the ceremony and bust a move on the dance floor at the reception, you still need to make sure you choose the right wedding suit accessories to complete your look.

The wedding suit accessories you choose are where you really get to show off your personal style, especially if you’re wearing a basic black, charcoal or dark blue suit to a formal wedding. Use this guide to help you pick the perfect wedding suit accessories so you look your absolute best.

Be Tie Savvy

When most men think of wedding suit accessories they immediately think of what their tie is going to look like. There’s nothing wrong with that – your tie is going to draw the most attention of pretty much anything you wear, other than the suit you’ve got on. However, picking the right tie for a wedding isn’t always a simple process.

If you’re going to a formal wedding, you’ll likely want to stick with a solid-colored tie or a simple two-color stripe. You may be able to get away with a micro-dot as well as long as you choose a tie in a dark color that appears understated and well-matched to your suit.

Wedding suit ties can be a little more colorful or bold if you’re attending an event that you know isn’t going to be quite so formal. If you know that there’s no strict dress code, that’s the time you can bring out your brightly colored ties, paisley patterns and more unique decorative ties.

Otherwise, stick with the basics and play it safe in style.

wedding suit accessoriesWhen Can I Wear a Bow Tie?

You can pretty much wear a bow tie whenever you want with a suit, though you may feel a little out of place at an event where some people are very casual. If you do choose to wear a bow tie at a casual event, make sure it’s one that adds a little fun to your suit. Skip the black bow tie and go for something like a solid red one or even a decorative print.

Wedding suit accessories for formal occasions, such as bow ties, should be kept basic. A black bow tie can work with almost anything, just like silver, navy or other simple color can. Silk bow ties tend to look more formal than linen or cotton ones, so take that under consideration when picking the right one for your event.

Pick Pocket Squares Wisely

Many men adorn their jackets with wedding suit accessories like pocket squares. A lot of guys even get really into pocket squares and build up quite a collection and learn a variety of unique folds.

However, when you’re attending a wedding, the best thing that you can do with your pocket square is to keep it simple. You can pick a two-color pocket square if you like, but the fold should remain neat, even if you prefer one that’s a bit complex like a tri-fold.

Stick with materials that are classic like silk, cotton or linen, and always make sure they pair well with the suit you’re wearing. Your pocket square should complement your suit, not stand out so much that it’s the only thing people see when they look at you.

wedding suit accessoriesHow to Choose a Watch

Wearing a watch at a wedding makes plenty of sense and many men pretty much put on a watch every single time they leave home. But a watch is one of those wedding suit accessories that you need to be careful with to keep it from looking too obtrusive.

Ideally, you should choose a watch with a relatively low profile so it isn’t immediately noticeable when you’re wearing your jacket. Watch bands should typically be leather or metal – other bands, while unique, don’t really have the classic style that you’re looking for when you’re attending a wedding.

While the watch you wear really depends on what suit you’re wearing, you’ll need to make sure the tone is a complement. If you don’t have the right watch, you may be better off skipping it for the day.

Cufflinks and Tie Clips

If you prefer a shirt with French cuffs, you’ll need to be wearing cufflinks. While cufflinks should obviously match your suit, you’ll generally be choosing between silver, gold or onyx. You may even want to look for something with a pattern or in a shape.

When it comes to cufflinks, you generally have the discretion to wear whatever you want and really show off your sense of style. Make sure they match and from there you can pretty much wear what you desire.

Tie clips should obviously match your cufflinks or at least complement your suit. If you don’t have a matching set of cufflinks with a tie clip, choose a simple tie clip in a solid finish like gold or silver. Anything more will likely be too much when paired with the other wedding suit accessories you may be wearing.

wedding suit accessoriesShow Some Sock

Socks are one of the most important but least considered wedding suit accessories out there. When it comes to picking the right socks for a wedding, it really all depends on how formal the event is.

If you’re attending a very formal wedding, you’ll likely want to stick to a solid color, even if the sock has a pattern, to keep from looking too casual. However, if the wedding you’re going to is a bit more casual, you may be able to get away with something fun like a bolder color, a stripe or a distinct pattern.

Just make sure your socks pair with something else you’re wearing in some way if you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Pink socks with a black suit and nothing else pink on your person isn’t going to make a lot of sense, even if it sounds like a fun, whimsical thing to wear. Instead, choose a black sock with a narrow pink stripe for a splash of color.

wedding suit accessories

Getting dressed for a wedding shouldn’t be the time you have a panic attack, so make sure you plan what you’re going to wear the day of the event. It might seem a little overkill to figure out what socks you’re going to put on with your suit, but if you want to look your best, a little advance planning when it comes to wedding suit accessories is essential.

The right wedding suit accessories really help to sell your suit and make you look like you know how to dress. Why invest in a quality suit if you’re not going to complete the package? That would be like buying a luxury car without a quality coat of paint.

wedding suit accessories

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