Choosing what to wear shouldn’t be the hardest thing that you’ll have to do on any given day. If it is, maybe you should consider expanding your horizons and finding new, stylish clothes to purchase. If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t have the desire or time to search through endless store shelves to find something you like.

Many busy men don’t even have time to keep up with what is stylish for the season, making the few shopping trips they have time for more of a burden than they should be. Sure, you can buy what the salesman recommends, but who knows if they really know what they’re talking about or if they just want a good commission on last season’s merchandise?

That’s where services like Trunk Club can come in handy. If you don’t have time, or you just don’t have the best fashion sense, delivery services like Trunk Club can help.

Use this Trunk Club review to help learn more about the program and decide whether it’s right for you.

What’s Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a delivery service that sends you a box of clothes each month. They’re intended to be stylish and based on how you dress and what you like. Of course, style is all in the eye of the beholder.

Designed to make shopping easier for busy guys, as well as men who aren’t too familiar with men’s fashion brands, Trunk Club is one of several subscription-based services out there gaining a lot of traction among male shoppers.

How Do I Sign Up?

To start, you’ll sign up with the service online. Pretty much every Trunk Club review that you find online will tell you that the online part of the process is the easiest, so let’s get that out of the way. You won’t have a difficult time joining Trunk Club, at least not if you have basic internet and typing skills, and a major credit or debit card.

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Are You Experienced?

After signing up you’ll get to pick between a few choices based on how fashion savvy you think you are. You can pick between clueless, confident and aficionado.

What you’ll get in your first box of clothes will be based on your choice. Clueless guys tend to get a lot of basic looks and the people putting the boxes together usually include items that are easy to pair.

Confident men will get some basics and a few bolder choices. If you pick aficionado you’ll likely get some interesting pieces, and the stylists will assume you already have a fair amount of basics in the closet.

Pick Your Look

After you pick your level you’ll be shown a bunch of pictures of guys in different styles. Some will be casual, others will be a bit more dressed up. You pick the styles that you can see yourself wearing.

From there, Trunk Club will show you some different stores and ask where you would be most likely to shop. Are you an H&M sort of guy, or do you prefer Brooks Brothers? You’ll get a chance to pick between low-end and high-end retailers, and mix and match a few of each.

You’ll also be asked to enter measurements, height and age. After all, there’s nothing worse than a 50 year old man wearing clothes designed for a teenager just entering college.

Getting Your Box

Your first box will arrive pretty quickly. Most people who have also reviewed Trunk Club got their first box in less than 10 business days.

Your box will contain a variety of different items, ranging from shirts and jeans to blazers and slacks. You’ll get an assortment based on what you liked from the online questionnaire.

trunk club review

This photo is courtesy of Trunk Club.

What About Pricing?

Trunk Club will work with you based on your budget, but the fact is that most of the clothes they offer are pretty upscale, though not all are designer brands. You won’t get a $3,500 YSL jacket in your box, but you could easily get a $200 shirt from a brand like Rodd & Gunn.

Almost every Trunk Club review that you’ll see on the web says the pricing is pretty much as advertised. If the items you get are too inexpensive or too pricey for you, you can work with your stylist to match your budgetary concerns.

A lot of the Trunk Club review information you’ll find online will tell you that one-on-one conversations with stylists are easy to come by and efficient.

What’s the Return Policy?

Once you get your first Trunk Club box, you’ll have 10 days to return the items you don’t want to keep. You’ll also be given a prepaid return label to ensure your choices don’t cost you a dime extra than the price tag, even if you don’t keep a single garment in your box.

One caveat from a Trunk Club review we saw online: make sure you let Trunk Club know if you’ll be out of town and can’t send your box back. They’ll wait to ship it and you won’t be charged for what could be up to a $1,000 worth of merchandise.

So, Should I Get Trunk Club?

Busy guys, unfashionable men and guys that love to shop can all benefit from Trunk Club – if they’re okay with the pricing. There’s no reason not to give it a try since you can always cancel down the road without buying a single item.

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