When it comes to high-fashion and staggering price tags, most people immediately imagine women’s fashion. With top-tier designer dresses topping $10,000, and shoes routinely selling in the near $1,000 price range in your average department store. Getting the best, freshest looks is often a costly endeavor.

Few people think about men’s suits as garments that can cost as much as a car though. While many pieces by top suit brands are relatively affordable when you consider their quality, there are also some suits out there that can break the bank – at least for some people.

Keep reading to learn about the top suit brands producing 10 of the world’s most expensive suits.

1. Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke

Known as one of the most popular and storied Italian suit makers of all time, Ermenegildo Zegna has been making quality suits since they opened up a shop in Trivero, Italy, in 1910. Today, Zegna makes suits for brands like Tom Ford, Gucci and Saint Laurent in their well-equipped factories.

Made entirely by hand, a Zegna bespoke suit is an entirely different beast though. Designed to fit each customer, every suit is manufactured with a combination of over 700 fabrics according to the company. If that’s not attention to detail, we don’t know what is!

How much will a bespoke Zegna suit cost you? $22,000 ought to get you in the door and walking out looking like a million bucks.

Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke

Photo Courtesy: The Richest

2. World Wood Record Cup Challenge Suits

Unlike most of the suits on this list, the World Wood Record Cup Challenge Suits are a completely different ball game. As part of a competition, designers submit their suits to the brand Loro Piana. From there, the brand picks and makes just 50 near-perfect suits.

Just as an example, the suit that won in 2012 featured wool that was just 11.1 microns in diameter. If you’re not a suit snob, you should know that the thinner the wool, the better the drape of the suit, and generally the higher quality.

The 2012 suits sold for $28,000 each.

3. Brioni Vanquish II

Brioni is one of the top suit brands most men already know. The suits they sell off-the-rack can get pretty pricey, and paying $7,500 for one certainly isn’t out of the question. If you want a Brioni Vanquish II though, you better be prepared to pony up a lot more cash than that.

Using a rare and exotic blend of wool and fibers, as well as white gold thread for the ultimate luxury suit experience, this isn’t your average suit. The Vanquish II is also limited to just 100 suits per year.

If you want one, you can ask Brioni who to make the check out to, but know the number is going to be north of $43,000.

Brioni Vanquish II

Photo Courtesy: Forbes

4. Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke

Bespoke suits are always going to cost more than suits you buy off-the-rack because they require more work and attention to detail. When you have a renowned designer like Desmond Merrion of London making them, you can expect to pay an arm and probably most of your leg too.

The Supreme Bespoke suit though, made entirely by the designer, who claims a machine will never touch a single fiber, takes bespoke to a new level. Not only that, but the designer claims that the finished suit won’t look like a suit at all – but a garment crafted around your body, not to hang on your body.

The price for the ultimate suit? $47,500 as of 2016.

Desmond Merrion Bespoke

Photo Courtesy: Desmerrion.com

5. Kiton K-50

The Kiton K-50, made by the very famous Kiton brand, is obviously going to be a fine suit. The company hasn’t made much of anything besides fine quality suits since they opened their doors in Italy.

What makes the Kiton K-50 different? The handmade suit takes world famous tailor Enzo D’Orsi of Saville Row 50 hours to make, and he’ll only make 50 of these bad boys each year.

While Kiton is one of the top suit brands in the world, the K-50 outpaces it in quality and price, coming in at $60,000 each.

Kiton K-50

Photo Courtesy: Kiton.it

6. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke

Located just down the street from Desmond Merrion on London’s famed Saville Row, William Westmancott is no stranger to fine suits. In fact, the brand has been crafting some of the best in the storied area for years, despite the designer being just about 30 years old.

Made entirely by hand, with about 200 hours put into each suit, the William Westmancott Ultimate bespoke suit will cost you $75,000. Westmancott will throw in five bespoke shirts too, making it all feel like a pretty good deal if you’re an oil tycoon or Microsoft heir.

7. Dormeuil Vanquish II

The name Vanquish must be synonymous with the world’s most expensive suit brands, huh? This one, from one of the top suit brands in the world, Dormeuil, isn’t exactly the affordable little brother to the bigger, more well-known Brioni version.

In fact, the Dormeuil Vanquish II is made with five of the most expensive and rarest fabrics in the world, including fifteen point eight, royal Qivuik, ambassador, dorsilk and Kirgzy White. So how much do all of those rare fabrics cost when put into a suit?

In the hands of the Dormeuil brand, you’ll be asked to spend just over $95,000.

Dormeuil Vanquish II

Photo Courtesy: The Tweed Pig

8. Alexander Price Bespoke

Alexander Price is a designer that those in-the-know are familiar with, but for outsiders, he’s kept a relatively low profile. That doesn’t mean his suits don’t compete with the top suit brands in the world.

An Alexander Price bespoke suit is made of 500 individual stitches, along with wool from the rare vicuna and qiviuk. With over 80 hours put into the project, the price tag shouldn’t be such a big shock.

The suit, which you can call your very own if you’ve got the cash, is just about $100,000 out the door.

9. Alexander Amosu Vanquish II Bespoke

Another Vanquish II on the list, this incredible suit by Alexander Amosu, is definitely unique. Why? Because Amosu himself isn’t a suit maker, but a man who simply knows the luxury goods market like nobody else.

Designed with two of the rarest fabrics on earth, as well as buttons made with gold and diamonds, this Vanquish II isn’t up for sale anymore. Perhaps if you top the $101,860 price tag an anonymous buyer payed Amosu in 2009 you can get your very own.

Alexander Amosu Vanquish II Bespoke

Photo Courtesy: The Richest

10. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition Suit

We couldn’t possibly go through a list of the most expensive suits without talking about one practically covered in diamonds, could we? Famed luxury goods maker, Stuart Hughes, couldn’t be left off this list either.

The suit, which is made of high-quality wool, silk and cashmere, took about 800 hours to design and stitch. The finishing touch, which is 480 half-carat diamonds, might be a bit extreme, but it would certainly get everybody’s attention at your next dinner party.

You can get one of your very own if you agree to the $892,000 price tag.
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