suit for a weddingBuying a suit for a wedding can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t know exactly what it is you’re supposed to be wearing to the event. A lot of invitations these days don’t specify what exactly you should wear, leaving you on your own to pick the right suit for the wedding.

However, buying a men’s suit for a wedding doesn’t have to be a process where you feel like you’re going to tear your hair out!

In fact, buying a designer suit for a wedding in Bergen County can actually be pretty enjoyable – if you know where to look for a good one.

Even if clothes shopping isn’t exactly your favorite activity, every man deserves a good suit where he can feel like a million bucks – even if you don’t wear it all the time.

Avoid the Big Guys

When a lot of men think about buying a suit for a wedding they automatically think of the big name menswear stores that air radio and television commercials seemingly on the hour. While those stores do have plenty of suits, you’re not going to be able to get something that you’ll be really proud of wearing for a number of reasons.

The first reason you should skip the big name stores is that you’ll have to search through racks and racks of suits to find a style you want. If you’re not exactly sure what style you want in a suit for a wedding that process alone could easily take your hours.

You’ll also likely learn that while the guys helping you find what you want can be friendly and maybe even helpful, they don’t know how to give you exactly what it is you want since everything is pre-made. In fact, you might even find that after an hour or more of searching through all the racks in the store that you can’t find a suit that matches what you had in your mind. Leaving empty-handed and even more lost isn’t a good feeling.

Skip That Off-the-Rack Fit

Shopping at a big name menswear store also means buying a suit off the rack in a size that’s pretty close to what you wear. Unfortunately, buying a suit that’s pretty close simply isn’t good enough.

If you do find a suit for a wedding that you like off the rack in a big name menswear store, many don’t have skilled tailors on hand, and those services certainly don’t come for free even if they are offered. While there may be some skilled tailors that work with big-name stores, the truth is that most experienced tailors don’t work in environments like that, and you may suffer endless alterations of a suit just to get something passable.

If you choose to take your suit to a more reputable tailor on your own, you’ll easily be adding a few hundred dollars to the price of your suit – maybe even a little more than that if the suit needs a considerable amount of work.

When you add $300 to the price of that wedding suit you get at a big name store it doesn’t seem like such a bargain anymore, does it?

2.jpgWhat About Quality?

Big name menswear stores sell a variety of different suit types in different price ranges. But the truth is that quality really is not the specialty of these stores that buy huge volumes of suits in bulk. What they specialize in is average suits for the average man that doesn’t worry too much about the quality of his clothing.

If you want a designer suit that’s really going to make you stand out from everybody else at a wedding or wherever you wear your suit, you’re going to need to shop somewhere better than the big name shops.

Luckily, that’s easy to do in Bergen County.

Small Shop, Big Results

Instead of buying from a big name menswear store, the best thing you can do for your wardrobe is to find a small shop like Sal Lauretta for Men where you can work with an expert tailor and craftsman to find the perfect suit.

Unlike at big name stores, the skilled individuals in smaller shops will actually be able to help you find a designer suit that fits your needs and desires since they can devote more attention to you. They also have a much greater selection of high quality items since their main goal isn’t to sell high volume suits to guys who don’t care too much about quality. They sell a smaller number of exquisite suits to men who really care.

The other benefit of working with a shop like Sal Lauretta for Men is that you have the option of having a high quality suit custom made for you. When you choose to have a suit custom made you can specify all of the details so that you end up with the exact suit you want.

That means that you can literally hand pick everything from the fine material used to make the suit to the lapel width to the lining. You’ll also go through an extensive fitting process to ensure that you get the exact cut and right fit that you need to make a suit look exceptional on you.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better than rummaging through the racks at a menswear store, finding a tailor that may or may not do good work for you and then hoping you end up with the right suit for a wedding?

Skip the menswear store and go right to one of the local shops in Bergen County that really cares if you get the right suit.

suit for a weddingBuy For Life, Not a Wedding

Buying a suit for a wedding is a significant investment. If it’s an important event for you, making sure that you look your best is a wise decision. However, getting a designer suit should be about more than just looking good for one day.

By choosing to work with a small shop and tailor who really cares about your wardrobe, you’ll be able to pick something that’s perfect for the wedding and your lifestyle. Why would you want a suit you’ll probably only wear once when you could have a suit that’s perfect for any occasion when those blue jeans just aren’t good enough?

suit for a weddingWhen you have to buy a suit or a wedding it can feel a lot like you just need to get something in a hurry and live with it. After all, it’s not something you’re going to wear every single day.

But a designer suit is something every man should have and a wedding is a perfect excuse to get yourself a great piece that you’ll be able to wear anywhere. Once you get that stunning designer suit, you’ll understand how good you look and how confident you feel.

You might even find yourself wanting to fill your wardrobe with quality suits so that you can look your best at work and in your personal life. You wouldn’t be the first man!

suit for a wedding

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