Few things can make a man look and feel confident, bold and classy then a well-tailored suit. Men will pay great attention to detail when choosing the fabric, color and cut of their suits, and rightfully so.

However, there’s one detail that often goes overlooked by even the most well-dressed men. A suit jacket lining is a subtle, yet incredibly vital component of your suit jacket. The lining of your suit gives the jacket structure and prevents your jacket from catching and wrinkling.

Additionally, lined jackets are more comfortable to wear in colder weather as they help retain body heat. These functional benefits are great, but what do suit linings do for the look of your suit? After all, what is the value of function without style to compliment it?

Picking the Right Material

Fortunately when it comes to style, men have a multitude of choices for their jacket linings. However, before you choose the color and style of your lining, you need to first choose a material.

Suit jacket linings typically come in two kinds of materials, synthetic and natural. Synthetic can further be broken down into regular synthetic materials and high-end synthetic materials. The high-end materials generally last a long time and are offered in many interesting and stylish patterns. Natural materials such as silk are typically found in higher-end custom suits. Silk, while more expensive than suit jacket linings such as polyester, is much more luxurious, offering both style and comfort.

Color Choice Matters

After you’ve chosen the material for your lining, its time to choose a pattern and color. A classic choice is to simply choose a color which matches the rest of your suit. While it may not be the most eye-popping or exciting choice, this classic choice will work in almost any situation.

If you’re looking for something with a little more style, consider using a complimentary color for your suit jacket lining. This gives your lining a bit of a style while still maintaining the flexibility of choosing a matching color.

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If you’re looking for something bold and striking, yet maintaining a touch of class, you can’t go wrong with choosing a contrasting color. Contrasting a burgundy or gray lining with a black jacket for instance is a great way to look confident, trendy and classy.

Finally, you have the choice of choosing your own signature color. This choice isn’t for everyone. Choosing your own signature color can leave you with a clashing and unappealing look. However, if you’re bold and confident enough to pull this off, some men can wear this style with class.

The Right Pattern for the Right Suit

Now let’s talk patterns. While your choice of color is extremely important, your pattern choice is perhaps just as crucial. Patterns add a little bit of flare to your lining and serve as a great way to personalize your look. Suit lining patterns don’t differ all that much from patterns found on the exterior of men’s suits. The only difference is that suit jacket lining patterns are less visible and much more subtle.

A classic choice is a simple tonal stripe pattern. This pattern works well with contrasting or complimentary colors and serves as a great go-to lining for any suit jacket.

Another classic choice is a plaid pattern such as a glen check or a blanket plaid. These styles are a bit more exciting than a simple stripe pattern, yet still conservative enough to be versatile in a variety of situations.

If you’re a man looking for a bit more excitement, consider using a more exciting pattern such as paisley. Using a louder pattern like paisley lets you have a little more fun with your suit. However, care should be taken when choosing the colors for a paisley pattern, as these patterns are much less subtle and prone to clashing with the rest of your suit. Linings with this pattern may be less appropriate for business or more formal settings, but make a great way to look trendy in more relaxed semi-formal and everyday settings.

Alternatively, you can simply choose a solid color instead of opting for a pattern. This choice works well with almost any color, but is particularly striking when used with contrasting colors such as a bright red inside and navy on black jacket

Summing it All Up

While they aren’t the most visible part of your suit, your suit lining crucially represents your personal style. Your choice of suit lining can make or break your suit. The wrong color or pattern in the wrong setting can ruin an otherwise trendy and classy ensemble.

Choose your colors and patterns carefully. Matching or complimentary colors in a pinstripe or check pattern are great go-to options for any setting, choices such solid contrasting colors lend a touch of class in formal situations, while bold colors and patterns such as paisley are great ways to have a trendy, yet casual look for a semi-formal occasion.

As with the rest of your custom suit, your choice of suit jacket lining works best when it reflects your personality. Take advantage of this often overlooked component to personalize and own your look. Nothing can make a suit look better on a man than confidence.

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