If you wear a suit each and every day for work, you know how important having one that’s stylish really is.

That’s especially true if you work in an industry where the way you look plays a major role in how you’re perceived or if you work in a fashion-forward business.

You don’t have to be the sort of man that wears a suit to work every single day to want one that looks up to date and stylish.

After all, you can look pretty great in a suit when you step out for the evening for a date or with your friends. There are always those occasions when you’re going to need a suit for a formal event, too.

However, because fashion changes so quickly, it’s hard to know what’s going to be stylish when it comes to spring 2015 suit trends for men. That’s where our guide can help you. Use it to learn more about spring 2015 suit trends so you’re dressed the best you can be this year.

Think Blue

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One of the first things most men think about in terms of spring 2016 suit trends is what color they should be wearing. It is a major consideration for most men after all, and wearing a color that’s really out for the season isn’t going to do anything for your look.

In 2016, the color that you really need to think about is blue. Both high blue, which is sometimes referred to as pure blue, and lighter, bright shades of blue are both very popular. That doesn’t mean you can’t get away with a navy suit, but think a bit more indigo than navy blue if you’re going to be shopping this year.

One good thing about bright blue suits though? They pair well with a crisp white shirt and look good on almost any skin tone.

Slim Cut Jackets Still Rule

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If you’re wondering what style of jacket to buy for your suit this season, the answer is a relatively simple one. Jackets are still narrow and most men are still choosing to go for a slim fit suit that fits snugly around the shoulders, body and waist.

However, more and more men are opting for suits that have a more English feel, allowing for just a touch more room in the body and a slightly wider lapel width.

When it comes to suit jacket styles this year, you probably won’t find much that isn’t narrow, so if you’re buying from a reputable source, you’ll almost surely end up with a narrow jacket. The only exception to that rule might be the double-breasted jacket, which does seem to be making a comeback this year.

Men that are a little more cautious with their style and don’t want to feel like trendsetters or out of place, may want to wait until next year for the double-breasted jackets. By then they’ll probably be the hot item in fashion.

Go Narrow

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Pant styles for men seem to be changing a little this year, although they aren’t dramatically different than they were in 2015. For the most part, men’s spring 2016 suit trends show that narrow, stovepipe pants are going to be the most popular and what the designers really want to showcase. That’s particularly true in European fashion.

Suit pants that are slightly tapered toward the ankle are also very common, so pick the type that suits your body. Either completely straight stovepipe style pants or pants with just a little narrowing at the ankle will work well.

Just make sure your pants are a good snug fit. Loose, baggy suit pants still aren’t popular even though it might feel like you’re wearing sweatpants in the office.

Don’t Be Afraid of Cuffs

Along with pleats, one of the other big spring 2015 suit trends is pants with cuffs. You might think pleats and cuffs paired together will be particularly stuffy and old-fashioned, but in interesting colors like bright blue and steel grey, these pants can actually look quite refined yet still casual.

If you’re going to get your pants made with cuffs you want them to be small cuffs – not big ones like you might have seen on pants in the 1970s. Think 1960s French Yves Saint Laurent, not disco bell bottoms.

Button Up

Dress shirt styles don’t change a whole lot over the course of a few years. This year, shirts are still going to be rather slim and form-fitting. Stick with that, at least as much as your body type and workplace will allow.

In addition to those slim cut shirts, you might want to skip the tie and button your shirt all the way to the top. It’s an homage to formality while still letting you cut loose – at least a little bit.

Once the clock hits four you can probably undo that first button though, just like you used to loosen your tie after lunch.

Pull Out Your Pocket Squares

Spring 2016 suit trends aren’t all about jackets and pants alone, rather one of the biggest trends is really about accessories. That trend is pocket squares. While pocket squares have been around pretty much as long as suits have, you may not be wearing them as much as you should. This year, pocket squares are all about color.

When buying a pocket square, look for something with a few mixed colors. Patterns are incredibly popular as well, especially if you spend some time practicing the more intricate folds to make your square really stand out.

If you’re still a little afraid of bold, bright colors, you can always stick with a white pocket square in a classic fold. It’s still a popular look as long as your pocket square is neat and crisp.

Linen pocket squares also help add much needed texture. A clean straight across fold is always classic or you can opt to go with a poof or have the points sticking out for more flare.

Try a Lapel Flower

Lapel flowers are making a big comeback because many men are skipping ties. Some are even foregoing collared shirts for thin-gauge knits and V-neck t-shirts. That’s a look that just screams out for a bit of color and visual appeal.

Even if you’re going to wear a traditional dress shirt and tie, you can still add a lapel flower. Think bold colors, not basic ones. If you need something a bit more classic, go for bright gold or silver and a unique shape or design.

It may not seem like your style at first, but lapel flowers are a big part of the spring 2016 suit trends.

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