November, aka Movember, is once again upon us! It’s time to whip out the trimmers and craft stylish mustaches to support prostate and testicular cancer awareness month. In honor of this tradition, here are ten variations of a quintessential indicator of manliness.

The Handlebar

This classic mustache features ends resembling — wait for it — handlebars. It’s the go-to ‘stache for men who want to make a statement. The handlebar isn’t ideal for those with scant facial hair, though. To achieve the signature curled ends, you’ll need plenty of it, and you’ll need to apply wax or another styling product and lovingly caress it into shape.

The Petite Handlebar

As you may have guessed, the petite handlebar is an abbreviated version of the aforementioned handlebar. Instead of curlicue ends extending upward to the cheeks, the petite handlebar’s curled ends stop just past the outer nostrils. This short and sweet variation is perfect if you prefer a mustache that wows but haven’t been particularly blessed by the follicular gods.

The Pencil

Even if your facial hair isn’t abundant, you can still strut your scruff with unique Movember mustaches. Just go with the pencil — also known as the mouth brow. This mustache is thin, closely clipped and simply outlines the upper lip. The pencil is far more subdued than some of the other in-your-face options, and it gives off a desirable chill vibe, so it won’t clash with formal wear.

The Shadow

If you want to show your support for prostate and testicular cancer awareness month, but you or your significant other don’t like the itchiness factor of a full-on mustache, the shadow fits the bill. Let your facial hair grow out slightly past the clean-shaven stage so it’s just barely visible on your upper lip. Keep it trimmed, and voila. You are officially participating in Movember. The shadow is low-maintenance, and, most men can grow one in a day or two. If your style is buttoned-down and clean-cut, the shadow offers the best of both worlds. You can go clean-shaven during the week and rock one of the most stylish Movember mustaches on weekends.

The Fu Manchu

This long, thin, full mustache with pointy, tapered ends extends past the mouth and often past the jawline. The Fu Manchu is a variation of the mustache that has its own variation. Dudes who don the Fu Manchu can choose to shave their philtrums (go ahead and look it up — we just learned that word, too) or the entire lip region. Pick your poison. This long, lean look complements long, lean attire, such as skinny jeans and ninja suits.

The Magnum

If you’re of a certain age, Magnum P.I. is part of your lexicon. The Magnum is Tom Selleck’s signature ‘stache. It’s full, it’s bushy and it’s the pinnacle of manliness. If you want to go all in for Movember, retire your razor, purchase a mustache comb, and grow, baby, grow — the fuller the better. The Magnum may be a bit outdated outside of Movember. If you’re a trendsetter, though, embrace it — for a month, anyway.

The Zappa

Even if you’re not a fan of Frank Zappa’s music, but want to rock an instantly recognizable and super cool mustache, you will totally be over the moon for the Zappa. This mustache is actually a two-in-one style. Up top, cultivate a bushy nest of facial hair (similar to the Magnum.) Down low, grow yourself a prominent, bushy soul patch. Can you say debonair? If you like to pursue a trendsetting style in all you do, sport the iconic Zappa for Movember.

The Pyramid

If occasional tickly nostril sensations don’t phase you and your stylistic motto is, “The devil is in the details,” feel princely with a pyramid. This style features a wide base near the lip, tapering upward to a point beneath the nose and culminating in pyramid-shaped peaks under each nostril.

The Artist

If you’re a Francophile, work in a creative field, or favor bold and bright apparel, the Artist may be ideally suited to your personal style. This look can best be described as an anti-Magnum and scaled-down Fu Manchu. It’s thin, precise and tailored, as if a skilled artist painted it directly onto your smug mug.

The Chevron

Last but not least, we’ve chosen the Chevron to round out our top 10 manly Movember mustaches. Because, why not give a nod to one of the most popular patterns of the moment? You can cultivate a classic chevron by shaving a strong line diagonally from your nose to just about a quarter-inch past the corner of your mouth. Once you’ve got the outline, just let it fill in, and keep it tidy and trimmed.

In the spirit of Movember, pick up your clippers, razor or scissors and join your brethren in a meeting of style and substance. Accessorize your November outfits with a truly one-of-a-kind accessory that only you will own.

movember mustachesBonus: This accessory is super affordable, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to put it on or take it off — or about losing it!

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