Off the field, the life of a National Football League superstar is full of parties, fancy dinners and red carpet premieres. When the guys listed below go to those star-studded events, they score major fashion touchdowns.

Yes, you can count on the most fashionable NFL players to give their outfits 110 percent.

1. Von Miller

Few people mix the bold and the classy as well as Von Miller. Whether he’s combining a jacket and tie with top-of-the-line sneakers or he has on an extremely colorful suit, his clothes are never dull. He’s also a headwear MVP. Seriously, the man loves unusual hats.

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2. Victor Cruz

There’s often an understated quality to Victor Cruz’s looks. Still, he knows how to catch your eye, whether it’s with a well-placed accessory such as a necklace or a luxurious item like a pair of Brioni pants. It’s no surprise, then, that this wide receiver has a wide range of opportunities in the fashion industry. He’s already helped develop a clothing line, and he may create more collections in the future.

3. Cam Newton

Admittedly, Cam Newton’s choices in clothing aren’t for everyone. Whether he’s sporting snug plaid shorts, the most eccentric ripped jeans or an item that almost defies description, you’d need the impressive confidence and build of this Panthers quarterback to get away with these ensembles. Some people follow fashion trends; others start them. Clearly, Cam likes being among the latter.

4. Odell Beckham Jr.

What makes this New York Giant a giant of fashion? It might be the joy he brings to and derives from his wardrobe. We sometimes forget that fine clothing can spread happiness. Not to mention, it might be hard to resist smiling when you see one of his colorful patterned sweaters or daring printed jackets.

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5. Larry Fitzgerald

Sure, Larry Fitzgerald wears T-shirts now and then, especially if he can promote a worthy charity while he’s at it. Nevertheless, this Arizona Cardinal is a huge fan of traditional, classic suits. Tapered suits, three-piece suits, slate suits — he adores them all. Larry owns dozens of suits, in fact, and he enhances them with attractive pocket squares, cufflinks and more.

6. Tom Brady

Tom Brady, also known by the subtle nickname the Greatest of All Time, is probably the Patriots’ fashion leader. He frequently rocks subtle plaids and checkered patterns, and he’s fond of layers: sweaters beneath jackets, for instance. Throw in some comfy yet elegant footwear — Tom’s an unabashed Ugg lover — and you have a sense of style that will never be deflated.

7. Julian Edelman

Sadly, he won’t play during the 2017-18 season due to an injured knee, but Julian Edelman’s enthusiasm will surely be with the Patriots all year long. He’ll no doubt have plenty of inspired apparel to show off as well. Long a student of fashion, Julian’s go-to outfit includes a chic jacket and jeans. He also favors crisp tailored shirts and conspicuous bracelets.

8. Eric Decker

Eric Decker gives hope to people who feel they’re not fashion-forward. He once dressed in a haphazard way that he admits “probably looked horrible.” He worked to improve his style, though. He studied fabrics and hues. He took lots of pointers from Jessie, his wife. These days, this Tennessee Titan is widely recognized as one of the most fashionable NFL players, and his wardrobe includes vividly colored shirts, slightly retro leather jackets and imaginatively textured casual wear.

9. Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown definitely adheres to the Cam Newton school of fashion. So often, this Pittsburgh Steeler steals the show with outfits that are just this side of outrageous. Vibrant plaids, highly original patterns, a suit covered in crowns and other creative touches are all par for the Antonio Brown course. And, well, this little number speaks for itself. Even if Antonio has on a relatively plain set of clothes, he’ll spruce it up with a spiffy chain, a set of enormous headphones or another striking accessory.

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10. DeMarco Murray

DeMarco Murray is another Tennessee Titan who looks great all year round. Like Larry Fitzgerald, he loves suits and believes that timeless suits are trendy suits. The ensembles he wears are often slim with pronounced angles, and he prefers restrained colors. DeMarco’s penchant for simplicity extends to causal events, as when he wore this graceful but no-frills shirt during a night out with the guys.

If you want to dress like the most fashionable NFL players, you should start following all of these players’ Instagram pages right away. You’re bound to discover many vibrant, fresh ideas as time passes. And, to really resemble a style icon of the football world, you’ll want to consult an excellent tailor. After all, these athletes seem to trust their tailors as much as they trust their coaches and trainers. Your tailor will make sure that you’re in the best possible shape for your next big game.

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