If you want to feel like a million bucks (literally), you might purchase one of the most expensive suits in the world. Picture yourself attending a high school reunion or a bar mitzvah in a suit that’s worth more than a car. You’d feel a rush of power for sure. Another side effect is the traumatizing thought of spilling your drink on it.

Maybe you just want to dream about owning the most luxurious of luxury suits. If so, these options should fire up your imagination.

10. Brooks Brothers Custom Suit

Compared to other entries on this list, this $14,500 suit is like a bargain you’d find at a flea market.

Brooks Brothers, of course, is the conservative men’s fashion company that first opened its doors in 1818. You could find a Brooks Brothers suit for several hundred dollars or so unless you want to spring for one of its customized offerings. If you order such an item, you’ll receive it in six months. While you wait, it’ll be weaved from Mongolian cashmere and merino wool.

9. William Fioravanti Bespoke Suit

On West 57th Street in New York City, you’ll find the elegant William Fioravanti shop. If you make an appointment at that store, you can have a $20,000 to $22,000 suit created for you. It will include a whopping 200 different fabrics.

8. Brioni Vanquish II

This suit is stitched with white gold. Its Vanquish II fabric and assorted wools are some of the planet’s most exclusive materials. Brioni is one of the most cherished fashion labels in existence, and only 100 of these suits are made annually. With all of that in mind, maybe the Brioni Vanquish II is a steal at $43,000.

7. Kiton K-50

Kiton is an Italian men’s clothing company that debuted in 1968. Enzo D’Orsi is the eminent Savile Row tailor who crafts these $60,000 numbers. Enzo uses fine merino wool to do so.

The “50” in the name has more than one meaning. It refers to the number of these suits that are produced in a year. In addition, it tells you the number of hours it takes to make just one of them.

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6. Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II

When you lose a button, you probably don’t think twice about replacing it. However, the buttons on this suit are 4-karat diamonds, which would make losing one of them kind of a tragedy. The $70,000 Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II also boasts a lush silk lining, and there are only five of these suits on Earth.

5. The Million Dollar Dandy

In the early 2010s, Frosdick of London started giving big spenders a special deal. For a cool million, they could receive a parcel with 14 suits that Savile Row tailors would construct from top-notch fabrics.

The package also comes with 28 ties, 28 shirts and 14 pairs of leather boots and shoes. Completing the collection is a series of robes and smoking jackets. Oh, and there’s a custom-built car that goes with it as well. All in all, it’d make a good Father’s Day present.

4. The Zoot Suit

A mysterious zoot suit wasn’t supposed to be one of the most expensive suits in the world. An unidentified gentleman bought it at a Newark estate sale and sold it to Augusta Auctions, which auctioned it off in New York in November 2011. The auctioneer expected to get between $600 and $900 for it. It raked in $78,000.

This striped suit dates back to the 1930s or so, and it’s a historic piece of clothing that was likely illegal at one point because it contains generous amounts of silk and wool, fabrics that were strictly rationed during World War II.

3. Dormeuil Vanquish II

London’s House of Dormeuil has been treating its customers to the best in fabric since 1842. Its Vanquish II suit is priced at $95,319 and is made from six opulent types of cloth. They include Dorsilk, the brand’s own special blend of silk and wool.

2. Alexander Amosu Vanquish II

This item fetched $101,860 in 2009, and there’s only one of its kind anywhere. The Alexander Amosu Vanquish II bespoke suit features qiviut and vicuna wool — those materials are really sumptuous — and it has buttons made of gold and diamonds. If you could somehow track down its owner, maybe you could make that person a nice offer.

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1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition

Here it is: the Mona Lisa of menswear. Stuart Hughes, a celebrated designer, and Richard Jewels, an equally celebrated tailor, have gotten together to make magic out of cashmere, wool and silk. There are three of these suits in total. Each boasts hundreds of diamonds, and each costs $892,000. One would feel uncomfortable wearing it in public in fear of someone brushing your shoulder.

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Yes, you might wonder what it’s like to put on one of the most expensive suits in the world. However, you certainly don’t need to drop upwards of $14,500 on a suit to look your absolute best. If you get a tailored suit from an esteemed brand like Canali or Jack Victor, you’ll look like a million dollars at least.

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