There’s no better time to update your winter wardrobe than the winter season. With so many new styles to choose from this season, it’s hard to know exactly what to get. We’ve put together this list of the top men’s winter fashion trends that you’ll want to find this season.

Cheerful Checks

Checks are just one of those trends that will never die.  One of this season’s biggest winter fashion trends for men is checks. The checkered look has been all over the runway for winter 2018 looks, especially on the cat-walks of high-end Italian brand Canali. The versatility of checkered clothing is honestly what makes it so timeless. That lumberjack stereotype is so old. Now, you can wear checks in the office or even to a special event. Canali’s dark gray Prince of Wales check suit is a great option to wear to work or to that party you have coming up.  With its wool material, it’ll also keep you warm this winter – an extra plus. Jack Victor is another label that offers a wide selection of finely-made wool plaid suits you can wear this winter season.

To get the right look and fit for any checkered bespoke suit, make sure you get in touch with your tailor. Your tailor can adjust the fit of your checkered suit to make sure it complements your frame for a custom look that’s all your own. Your tailor is your best friend.

Playful Pinstripes

Pinstripes are taking over, so it’s time to hop on this trend because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Premium brands like Canali are featuring bespoke suits that sport this new trend. If you’re really looking to get into the winter spirit, you can even try a pinstriped suit with gold threads. You also can’t go wrong with the traditional white pinstripes on a black or gray suit.

As for your tip of the day, when you pick a suit with pinstripes, remember to create balance by paying attention to the thickness of the strip. Thicker pinstripes can make you appear wider while thinner stripes can elongate your look.

You can also be really brave and mix and match patterns, too. Break the rules a little bit and pair pinstripes with paisley tops or patterned neckties. By balancing larger patterns with smaller ones, you won’t have to worry about one pattern overpowering the other. It’s all about balance.

Velvet Variety

No winter season look is complete without the perfect blazer, and this season’s winter fashion trend of velvet will have everyone wishing they had your festive outfit. When buying a velvet blazer, go for high-end brands that make some of the best suits for men, such as Ted Baker. A sleek Ted Baker velvet blazer paired with a paisley button-down shirt is an instant game changer. You’ll never want to wear a boring old blazer again. Teal and purple are hot colors to try this season when it comes to velvet blazers.

Layering the Look

You can’t last the winter without layering. Luckily, not only is it functional, but it’s trendy, too. One of the easiest ways to achieve this layered look is with an oversized sweater or cool cardigan These pieces are the perfect layering wardrobe essential. You’ll have so many outfit options to choose from when you buy these staple pieces from premium brands. To start, try pairing an oversized sweater or fitted cardigan with a long-sleeve polo top or hoodie from the best brands, like Robert Graham and Psycho Bunny.

Show-Stopping Shearling

The shearling jacket is a showstopper like no other. A jacket lined in shearling is one of this winter season’s top trends that will have you feeling like a real king. The soft, shearling texture only adds to the suppleness of leather and other high-quality fabrics that you need in a good jacket. You’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket when you wear a lined shearling jacket from AG Jeans. You can also opt for a more casual look to wear on weekend getaways with a shearling collar and denim ensemble, like AG Jean’s shearling dart jacket.

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends with Sal Lauretta

Now that you know what’s trending for men this winter season, deciding what pieces to buy will be so easy. Everyone’s winter wardrobe should be filled with these men’s winter fashion trends.

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