men's wedding suitsMost men that are about to get married aren’t really thinking about the suit that they’re going to wear during the ceremony and reception.

In fact, most guys are just worried about making sure the wedding is going to go well and how much it’s going
to cost,
even if they’re sharing the expenses.

Groomsmen and guests don’t have much else to worry about though, except maybe getting their ticket and hotel reservation if they are attending an out of town wedding.

Groomsmen and guests are lucky – at least on that front.

Picking men’s wedding suits isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it can be pretty challenging for the groom, the groomsmen and even wedding guests. Use these tips to help you pick the best men’s wedding suits for 2016, no matter what part you’re going to be playing this year.

Wedding Suits for the Groom

If you’re getting married in 2016, you need to pick out a suit that will truly make you stand out from everybody else. While the bride might be the real center of attention – and we can’t blame anybody for that – you do still need to look especially good. Remember, they’re going to be taking your picture, and you’ll be seeing those images for a very long time.

That’s why men’s wedding suits for grooms should generally be custom made instead of purchased off-the-rack and tailored. When you buy a custom suit, you’ll get the exact fit you want whether you prefer an ultra-slim and modern look or one that’s a little bit more classic.

You will also be able to pick out fine materials for your suit that aren’t available on most off-the-rack numbers.

Style and Fit

In 2016, suits are still going to be relatively slim, even for the groom at a wedding. For that reason, you should likely stick with a slim cut if you can pull it off.

One big change might be in the pants, which are looking a bit fuller around the legs this year. If you’re a bigger man, this look can help you quite a bit. Cuffs are also pretty popular on pants, but you’ll want to steer clear of them if you don’t consider yourself on the taller side.

men's wedding suits

Materials and Color

You want a nice suit if you’re getting married, so you should splurge on materials. Plaids are particularly popular in 2016, as are unique colors like high blue and deep red. They aren’t right for all weddings, though.

Consider the style of wedding, your venue and the time of year. If you’re having a formal wedding, stick with black, navy or a deep charcoal, and go for tropical wool, standard wool or a blend.

Summer weddings typically mean linen, and if you can pull that off, you should go for it. Linen suits are pretty popular for men’s wedding suits in 2016, especially if you’re getting married outside.


The brand of suit you buy should be superior since a wedding is a special occasion. Brands like Brioni, Canali, Paul Smith, Balenciaga, Armani and John Varvatos are ideal.

Your tailor will be able to recommend other brands and materials that will work for your custom wedding suit, though, based on your desires and specifications.

Wedding Suits for the Groomsmen

Groomsmen who are buying a suit specifically for a wedding may not want to spend as much as the groom on a custom suit. For that reason, a high-quality off-the-rack suit that is tailored to fit is the best choice.

However, if you want a custom suit, you can still have one made. Just pick a style and material that you’ll be able to wear after the wedding. You’ll have another great suit in your wardrobe, and that can’t hurt any man.

Style and Fit

When it comes to style and fit for groomsmen, you aren’t subject to quite the same rules as the groom. That doesn’t mean that you can just wear any old suit, though.

Your best bet when it comes to men’s wedding suits is to wear something that you would pick out in your personal life. Do you like slim fit suits? They’re still very popular, so slim fit is a good choice for most guys.

If you prefer a classic English cut with a vest though, you can certainly go that route. Buy a stylish brand and have it tailored to you if you’re not quite sure what’s in fashion and what is right for you.

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Materials and Color

Groomsmen buying suits will hopefully be able to wear them once the wedding is over. For that reason, you should pick a material like tropical wool or a medium-weight wool that will get lots of use throughout the year.

If you live in a warm climate and you’re going to an informal wedding, linen can be a great addition to your existing wardrobe.

Formal weddings tend to require dark suits for groomsmen, and charcoal, black or dark blue are your best bets. However, if the wedding is less formal, high blue and rusty reds are excellent choices, and they are extremely fashionable right now.

You’ll get at least a few seasons of wear out of them.


Buying a stylish brand is important for a groomsman who wants a suit he can wear more than once. Look for brands like John Varvatos, Hickey Freeman, Zegna, Burberry and Canali.

Wedding Suits for Guests

Like groomsmen, no guest should be buying a suit exclusively for a wedding. Even if you don’t wear suits often, you should use the chance to improve your wardrobe. You never know when you’ll need a great suit again.

That’s why wedding guests should consider custom suits or high-quality off-the-rack pieces. You won’t be disappointed by having a great suit in your closet when you open the door.

Style and Fit

Wedding guests should follow personal style and fashion trends when choosing men’s wedding suits. In 2016, men’s wedding suits are going to be all about the slim cut with a fuller waist and straight legs. Double-breasted suits are also coming back into style, as are three-button jackets.

men's wedding suits

Materials and Color

Formal weddings mean dark colors, and if you don’t already have a dark suit, putting one in your wardrobe will be very helpful. Black, navy and deep, rich charcoal that is more black than gray are your best options.

A wedding that is somewhat informal gives you more options. Bold blues, red, orange, hunter green and gray plaids are ideal choices for men attending weddings this year.

You will have occasion to wear them after the wedding too, and all of those fashionable choices are perfect for a night out on the town.


Focus on fashionable, high-quality brands when you’re buying a suit for a wedding and just going as a guest. Brands like Hickey Freeman, Brioni, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren Black Label are all excellent choices.

As with all men’s suits, you’ll want to find a good tailor who understands your sense of style. Even a well-made off-the-rack suit needs to be tailored to fit your body.

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