Even if you’ll be spending summer 2018 on a boat off the coast of Fiji, you’ll probably have to put on a suit and come ashore at least a few times in July and August. Yes, weddings, business conferences and other necktie-worthy events proceed unabated even as the summer sun scorches.

Understandably, some guys flinch at the idea of wearing a suit during the hottest times of the year. To them, it’s a recipe for sweatiness and scratchiness. Besides, don’t suits contradict the laid-back feel of the season?

Well, if you choose to buy one of the following men’s summer suits in 2018, you’ll be in for truly enjoyable evenings no matter the temperature. These outfits are as light as a cocktail and as comfy as a pair of board shorts. And, with their slightly playful stylishness, they’re as seasonally appropriate as a lime Popsicle.

1. Eleventy Wool-Mohair Suit

This year, Eleventy is heralding the start of summer by offering this handsome two-button suit. Made by hand in the company’s top-rate facility in Italy, it features a single-breasted coat with side cuts and flap pockets. The material is a mix of soft wool and strong mohair. Those fabrics are cool and pliable, and they make an unbeatable combo.

This suit is just one alluring entry in Eleventy’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. All of the pieces in this group are startlingly lightweight. The company calls them “weightless,” which may be a bit of hyperbole, but not much. Their soft — or “ultra-soft,” in Eleventy’s parlance — fabrics come straight from the finest of Italian mills.

two button summer suit men

2. Hickey Freeman Sharkskin Suit

How would you like to wear a blend of extremely fine wool and luxurious silk? In this super sleek and light Hickey Freeman sharkskin product, you’ll be able to move around with all the stealth and smoothness of Jaws himself. That’s appropriate given that this suit is the color of the ocean at dusk. Dun, dun…

The jacket is a single-breasted delight with notch lapels, and the pants have back welt and slant pockets as well as an uncompleted hem. Your tailor can finish that hem according to your specifications.

summer suit for men

3. Ravazzolo Summer Suit

Whichever suit you select from this season’s Ravazzolo collection, you can be sure that you’ll have clothes that are slimming and flexible. What’s more, these men’s summer suits 2018 boast suave silhouettes, reversible materials and enticing patterns.

Ravazzolo has spent decades meticulously altering its suits. Some of the changes are so subtle that the differences from year to year would be almost impossible to identify. Nevertheless, this attention to detail has resulted in unique fashion breakthroughs. For one thing, the company is proud of the arms and shoulders of its current crop of suits, pointing out their unusually high levels of comfort and style.

Its jacket shoulders, for example, follow the natural shape of the human shoulder, and they’re a little softer and lower than the shoulders of many competitors’ jackets.two men in summer suits

4. Coppley Wool Navy Suit

This navy blue summer suit with a windowpane pattern just oozes elegance. Some of the most talented weavers in Italy labored to produce its breathable Super 110s wool. Indeed, all of Coppley’s suits are made with the help of centuries-old tools and methods. The brand itself dates back nearly a century and a half. It was founded in Ontario in 1883, and it started enjoying strong international acclaim during the 1960s.

None of these facts are meant to suggest that this company is stuck in the past. To the contrary, the brand takes advantage of advanced, highly specialized computers to slice its fabrics into extremely precise shapes and sizes.

In addition, Coppley’s made-to-measure program lets you get each of their suits customized, allowing for an exact fit that feels great and looks even better. Or maybe it looks great and feels even better — it’s hard to tell.

summer suit for men 2018

5. Jack Victor Windowpane Suit

Here’s a look from Jack Victor that’s worth salivating over — metaphorically, that is. Upon close inspection, you can see that the dark suit jacket has a subdued windowpane pattern, one that’s all the classier because of its understated quality.

One of the stars of the show here is that summery, powder blue shirt. It’s such an attention-grabber that it almost feels wrong to cover it up with a necktie. Of course, if you’re going to a casual event that’s tie optional, you won’t have to. Note that the matching light blue pocket square further brings out the exquisiteness of the shirt.

This outfit bears all the hallmarks of Jack Victor’s lush Spring/Summer 2018 collection. These traits include the cutting-edge flair, the creatively chic colors and the unmistakable sophistication. In fact, these are the characteristics that Jack Victor clothing has long been known for.

With any or all of these men’s summer suits 2018 in your closet, you may start looking for excuses to dress up even when it’s brutally hot. You might DJ weddings for free or crash college reunions just to get compliments on your attire and bask in the splendor of your suits.


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