In February, the 2018 Men’s Fashion Week will take place in New York. But if you can’t make it to Manhattan for this annual extravaganza, fear not. You can whet your appetite for the sartorial year ahead with the descriptions and links below.

These best men’s suit brands have outdone themselves with their 2018 products. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. However, as you’ll see, some are a little more appropriate for certain events and environments than others. With the right suits for the right occasions, there’ll be no stopping you in 2018.

1. Brioni

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection from Brioni is another triumph of design from this leading-edge brand.

A standout is the single-breasted mohair suit, which is great for the international traveler. Elegant though it may be, mohair is tough and wears well over time; you can keep packing it and unpacking it. What’s more, this fabric will keep you warm during business trips to Scandinavia, Siberia and such.

You can also customize this suit with footwear that’s popular in the place you’re visiting. For instance, in this Instagram photo, Owen the model rocks Western boots, a good idea for a corporate jaunt to Texas.

2. Canali

Canali is a versatile Italian fashion company, and it’s a terrific choice for men who love style throwbacks. For example, you could get your nostalgia fix from this suit, which belongs to the brand’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection. It’s inspired by the designs of the 1920s, a decade known for its exquisite tailoring and spectacular parties. It was an era of freedom and experimentation and, by donning one of these suits, you can radiate that adventurous spirit.

Also worth noting are the lush colors, especially the fine variations of green and blue, of Canali’s 2018 offerings. The company is justifiably proud of its patterns this year as well. Indeed, a Canali grisaille or herringbone can be an utter delight.

3. Circolo 1901

For the man who likes sticking to the fundamentals when picking a suit, there’s Circolo 1901. The company isn’t rocking the style boat in 2018 so much as it’s extending its legacy as one of the world’s best men’s suit brands. In fact, in its mission statement, the company vows to avoid the “superfluous” in favor of authenticity; it says it’s not looking to impress people but rather to provide comfortable attire.

This suit from Circolo 1901’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection is a summation of those values. It’s sharp. It’s traditional. It feels great, and it’s appropriate for a variety of settings.

4. Corneliani

If you frequently attend chic parties or social events with power players, it’s worth considering a Corneliani suit. This brand seems to prize sophistication above all, yet it also strives to make men look strong and in control.

Consider this suit as an example. The subtle jacket pattern and even subtler shirt pattern are a perfect match. The blue tie sparkles, and the entire ensemble, which includes a pocket square for personalization, simply enchants.

5. Eleventy

If you’re self-employed or work for a company with a somewhat lax dress code, you might opt for this striking outfit from Eleventy’s Spring/Summer 2018 catalog. It’s in the neighborhood of a suit, and it includes high-quality cargo pants and a slimming blazer.

Of course, Eleventy produces much more than just formal suits. Its craftspeople are spread throughout Italy, and they’re able to please some of the most discriminating fashion customers in the world.

6. Jack Victor

Jack Victor’s 2018 clothes, which you can admire in this brief video preview, burst with vibrant colors. And, in warm weather, their breathable fabrics should make you feel good all over.

Jack Victor is based in Montreal, and its promotional materials stress its modern designs. For sure, with their contemporary cuts and styles, these suits are just right for anyone who’s fashion-forward. Or, at least, they’re just right for anyone who wants to come across that way.

7. Ravazzolo

This spring will bring new garments from Ravazzolo, and you can get a sneak peek at them here. If you plan on attending one or more outdoor events this year, whether they’re parties on yachts or weddings on beaches, you may want to see what Ravazzolo is selling. The company’s suits are ultra comfortable, and they feature playful patterns, bright neckties and bow ties, and effervescent blues and other hues. All of these attributes reflect the dynamism of spring and summer.

The meticulous artisans at Ravazzolo stay away from machines as much as possible when they’re making suits. They’ve all been trained in the art of Venetian tailoring, and they primarily rely on tools of the old school: scissors, needles and so on.

In the end, if you buy a few of the beautiful products from these best men’s suits brands, you won’t need to attend any Men’s Fashion Week events. Instead, you could blast some music and strut around your living room, putting on your own fashion show for your kids or your cat.

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