Each year, the first time you hear a robin sing or see a tulip bloom, one thought might cross your mind: What am I going to wear this spring?

Springtime is a natural time for freshening up your outfits. You’re not bundled up in winter coats any longer, and you may be out and about a lot more.  Touching up a wardrobe is a multifaceted process. However, if you stick to this men’s fashion style guide, you’ll be able to revitalize your clothing with aplomb.

1. Clean Out Your Closet

This step is the most basic and often the most necessary. Here are a couple tips for effective organization. First, it probably won’t work out well if you say to yourself: “I’ll do a little cleaning today, a little tomorrow, a little next week and so on.” This approach invites procrastination.

Instead, on a day when you have plenty of free time, strip your entire closet bare and empty every clothing drawer you have. Do it all at once, and throw all those clothes on the floor or on your bed. Bring a couple garbage bags into your room as well.

Be ruthless when throwing things away. Anything that’s torn, damaged or no longer fashionable is a goner. Likewise, you could get rid of anything you’ve worn many times in the past. Keeping clothes for sentimental reasons is understandable but unhelpful.

2. Research New Brands

Now that you’ve parted with some of your clothing, it’s time to go shopping for new items. By all means, if you have favorite clothing companies, buy more products from them.

At the same time, it makes sense to study top menswear labels and try purchasing from one or two that you’ve never bought from before. This method lets you discover all sorts of innovative companies and exciting styles. Every so often, you may stumble upon a new favorite brand.

3. Follow Fashion Events and Style Icons

Each year, if you follow the world’s top fashion events on social media, you’ll be exposed to cutting-edge clothing and many inspiring ideas. Those happenings include New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

Thus, you can stay on top of trends and decide which of them would be right for you. In short order, you may feel like a model yourself.

Likewise, you can turn to fashion icons on social media. The most debonair athletes, actors, musicians and members of royal families are bursting with sartorial originality. You might consider someone like Harry Styles or ASAP Rocky to be a living men’s fashion style guide.

4. Use Accessories

Springtime fashion accessories are like the whipped cream on your sundae (or the gluten-free dressing on your salad). They add color and flavor, layering and flair. They complete the effect of an outfit and demonstrate that you care about details.

Among the most appealing and seasonally appropriate accessories are colorful tie bars and watch bands. Sharp sunglasses, radiant socks, lapel pins and vibrant ascots could also make you look like a billion dollars, give or take.

5. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone…

Life is all about new experiences and wearing a type of clothing you’ve never put on before definitely qualifies as one. This spring happens to be a great time for style boldness as the fashion world is seeing some audacious trends. For example, brightly colored suits are all the rage now. If you’ve ever dreamed of going to work or to a party in, say, a purple or pink suit, 2018 is your year to shine.

On top of that, men are starting to wear fabrics like satin and velvet, materials that were once the exclusive domain of women’s clothing designers. These developments are giving guys new options as well.

6. …But Stay Comfortable

This season, hooded sweatshirts and track pants, along with other kinds of athletic gear, are super popular. And why shouldn’t they be? Who has time for scratchy fabrics, materials that don’t breathe and clothes that are too tight? If you’re comfy in your clothes, you’ll probably come across as more confident and relaxed — appealing qualities to be sure.

For maximum comfort, ask a tailor to create or alter your clothes.

7. Have Fun and Be You

Believe it or not, Hawaiian shirts are in vogue this spring. Even if these pieces aren’t your style, they’re a great example of the type of clothing to look for when the temperature rises. They’re striking, yet they’re laid-back. They come in all kinds of prints and colors, too, allowing you to find the perfect shirt for you.

No matter what articles of clothing you’re shopping for, you should try to find pieces that make you feel good all over, the way Hawaiian shirts make many people feel.

Any men’s fashion style guide should emphasize customization. Each spring brings a fresh opportunity to showcase your tastes and personality. People who admire your looks might even strike up conversations with you. In that way, spring fashions and new friendships sometimes go hand-in-hand.

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