Most men have a winter wardrobe loaded with warm jackets, stylish scarves, some gloves and a hat or two. The average guy also has a wardrobe that’s ideal for spring and summer when the temperature can easily jump over the 90-degree mark before it even hits ten in the morning.

What are you supposed to do in those months between winter and spring though, when it feels like the weather can change in a matter of minutes? When it’s 60 in the morning, 80 at noon and 50 at night, it’s downright difficult to have appropriate clothes unless you’re pulling a suitcase behind you.

Men do have some options however, and you don’t have to rely on layers of clothing meant to be shed all day long. One of the items of clothing you really should be looking at for this time of year are custom blazers.

Use this guide to help you learn more about men’s custom blazers and why they’re perfect for those days between cold winters and warm summers.

Choose Your Materials

The biggest problem with putting on a blazer in the morning is the fact that it might be perfect early on, too warm during the day, then not warm enough at night. You can obviously remedy those evening issues with a blazer, but what do you do about the rest of the day?

When you buy a custom blazer, you can pick materials that make sense between winter and spring. One of the best options for men’s blazers is tropical wool. Designed to keep you warm in the morning, but not so warm that you’ll burn up when the sun comes out, tropical wool is an ideal choice for a custom blazer.

Another option is a blended material suit. Wool blends are your best bet if you want something that’s going to last and look great. If you live in an area that is particularly cold, you’ll want a suit that is higher in wool content.

Avoid buying suits that are heavyweight wool or made from lighter materials like linen for this time of year. Even if you find colors you love, your tailor can help you find better options in more seasonally appropriate fabrics.

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Custom Fit

When you choose to buy men’s custom blazers, the options you get when it comes to materials are great. Rarely in life or in clothing will a man have so many options, especially if he goes to a tailor that does regular custom work.

The most important thing about buying custom men’s blazers isn’t just the materials. It’s the fact that you’ll finally be able to add a blazer to your wardrobe that fits you exactly the way it should, without any compromises at all.

If you’re like most guys, the jackets you buy off the rack look okay. Maybe you take them to a tailor and they look even better. Still, there’s nothing quite like a custom blazer that’s made to your specific measurements and designed to fit exactly how you like your blazers to fit.

Don’t overlook this aspect of buying custom made. Sure, they’ll keep you comfortable between winter and spring, but there’s a lot more to custom blazers than that.

How Do You Wear Your Blazers?

Buying custom men’s blazers means you can have any material that you want, from very high quality tropical wool to more basic wool and cotton blends. Luckily, the benefits of buying custom don’t simply stop there.

Do you wear your blazers with blue jeans and require a fit that’s a little bit tighter around the hips? Maybe you wear yours with slacks that need a little bit more room in the body to give the desired look?

Whatever you like in a blazer, and whatever works with your wardrobe, your tailor will be able to provide it in a material that’s perfect for the season. It’s hard to beat that combination when you’re shopping for clothing, and only custom blazers can offer that kind of versatility.

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Are Custom Blazers Worth the Money?

You’ve heard all about how men’s custom blazers can improve your style and keep you comfortable when it’s warm during the day and cold at night. But if you’re like a lot of guys, you’re still worried about how much money you’re going to have to spend.

Custom blazers don’t require you to bring a wheelbarrow full of cash when you visit your tailor. In fact, custom men’s blazers can cost almost as much or as little as you like within a given price range.

When you purchase a custom blazer, you get to pick the details, from the material to the lining to any extra features such as interior pockets or specialty buttons. You also have the option of choosing an economical jacket with standard features. You’ll still get that custom blazer fit and incredibly quality, but you won’t spend your entire paycheck in the process.

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