men's casual fashion tipsFashion trends come and go, and keeping up with them can be downright difficult.

That’s why many men simply go shopping at their favorite department store and grab a few items that they like to dress themselves for the season.

Unfortunately, the buyers at department stores don’t always have fashion in mind, often choosing their bottom line over what’s really new and exciting, or which items are truly fashionable.

The people in the stores aren’t going to give you any information or men’s casual fashion tips either, and most of them aren’t even going to be aware of the trends!

When it comes to men’s casual fashion tips, there aren’t necessarily as many rules as there are when you’re wearing a suit or strutting down the runway in Milan. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any men’s casual fashion rules and trends that you should abide by, though.

Use this guide of the best men’s casual fashion tips to help you pick out your wardrobe for this fall and winter season.

1. Sweater Weather

Sweaters by brands like John Varvatos and Hugo Boss are a great way to bring your wardrobe into the cold season. One of the most important men’s casual fashion tips to remember is that you need colors that are natural.

Look for burnt orange, dark green and navy blue. Shawl neck sweaters are particularly popular this season in heavy textured wool.

2. Denim, Denim, Denim

Denim is the ultimate casual material for anyone, and a good pair of jeans is essential for the winter. Think selvedge denim and brands like 7 For All Mankind – brands and styles that are built to last.

Buy denim that is rich in blue and not too dark. Pure indigo is the hot color this year for men and women. men's casual fashion tips

3. Purchase Patterned Scarves

When we’re talking about patterned scarves we don’t mean crazy prints and colors. Instead, stick with patterns like plaid and hounds-tooth. You’ll also want to choose classic materials like wool, cashmere or wool blends for those warmer fall days.

4. Puffy Jacket Party

The puffy jacket is really hot right now, especially in bright colors and shiny, high-gloss materials. Lots of guys are even wearing them with suits, but just make sure you remove yours before you get into the office and the boss sees you. The commute sure will be warm though.

Still, puffy jackets are best with jeans or slacks and a good pair of boots.

5. Buy Brown Boots

Men’s casual fashion tips all tell you that boots are popular this year and our list isn’t going to be any different. Brown is the winning color, especially in lighter tan shades and worn dark brown more like saddle leather.

Boots with thick soles and Army-style boots are also popular with designers like John Varvatos and Balenciaga.

men's casual fashion tips

6. Invest in Socks

Not everybody is going to see your socks this winter, but there’s a good chance that that special somebody will, or at least some friends at that evening party might. This year, invest in good socks that are comfortable and warm.

Patterned stripes, micro-dots and plaids are very popular in socks, as are monochrome heavy wool socks in block and stripe patterns.

7. Grab a Hat

Fedoras and porkpie hats are popular and you can wear them with jeans and boots, but this year you shouldn’t have any shame about a wool cap. One great way to incorporate men’s casual fashion tips for the year is to go with something in dark red.

It’s a very hot color this year.

8. Black Leather

Black leather jackets never really went out of style, but this year they’re back. Buying one is one of the best casual men’s fashion tips we can give.

When it comes to style, make sure you get something that looks a little worn, not pristine and brand new. Bomber and motorcycle jackets are the best styles, but that’s pretty much always been the case.

9. Go for Shearling

A few years ago shearling seemed to be dead and almost nobody was using it in their designs. In 2015 it seems to be making a roaring comeback as causal men’s fashion becomes a little bit more rugged looking.

One of the best men’s casual fashion tips we can give you is to go with natural tan, taupe or brown. Black and white prints are also hot on the runway.

men's casual fashion tips

10. Turtlenecks Up Top

Believe it or not, turtlenecks are back this year on the runways. You may not feel like they’re cool the first time you try one on, but find one that fits in a basic color and add it to your wardrobe.

11. Wear Wool Slacks

Wool slacks haven’t gone out of style for men, well, ever. They’re all over the runways this year and it’s all about the heavy texture. When you’re thinking about what slacks to buy, think of dark hunter green, deep, bold blue and rich hounds-tooth.

You can pair these slacks with a leather jacket and dress shirt or sweater for a look that’s manly, refined and still casual enough for any occasion.

12. Drop the Accessories

Accessorizing well is the mark of a man with good taste, but this season you should ditch some of those accessories and keep it simple. If you must, stick with a leather bag or something in usable and rugged material like canvas.

13. Long Coats

The long coat had been in the back of the store for a long time, but it just didn’t seem to be fashionable anymore. That’s all changed this year thanks to designers who are bringing them back in record numbers.

If you want to invest in a long coat this year you have two options. The Bogart-style raincoat is back, and the long leather jacket that’s loose in the shoulders and body is extremely popular in fashion circles.

14. Wear Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses in winter have sort of been a men’s fashion faux-pas in the years past, and chances are your grandfather wouldn’t like it. That doesn’t mean that designers like APC and Alexander Wang aren’t sending their men down the runways in cool, dark shades this season.

Grab a pair of aviators from a brand you know like Persol or Ray-Ban and rock them when the sun is out. Nobody will give you a dirty look, even if it’s 50-degrees outside and you’re bundled up in a leather jacket and plaid scarf.

men's casual fashion tips

15. Be Bold with Bright Yellow

When it comes to men’s casual fashion tips this year it seems to be all about the subdued and manly colors. However, one trend that seems to be a little bit subversive is the use of lots of bright yellow in designer shows this year. If you’re thinking mustard yellow like you get on a hot dog, you’re in the right ballpark.

To wear this color you should invest in a good, high-quality cashmere or wool sweater to put under something a bit more subdued. A scarf in bright yellow can also work well if you don’t mind attracting attention.

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