When you’re in New Jersey, a day at the beach always includes a boardwalk stroll. That’s why it’s essential to not only have your swimwear on point but to have your beachwear shirts styled with the latest trends, too. There are tons of men’s beachwear shirt styles to choose from, including solid color polo shirts, Hawaiian shirts, Guayaberas and t-shirts with graphics. Styling men’s beachwear shirts are easy to do if you have a plan. Here’s how you can get it done.

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Find the Perfect Shorts

One of the easiest ways to style your beachwear shirt is to match it with the perfect pair of shorts. This is the time to try out new styles, including the colorful shorts that are trending right now. But it’s also okay to stick to basics, such as the white shorts that easily paired with gold polos from during the Spring/Summer 2018 Canali runway show. Chinos and tailored shorts are also trending in 2018, and you can find a pair from brands that make high-end shorts, such as Psycho Bunny, 34 Heritage and Robert Graham. You can even get your shorts altered by a professional tailor to ensure they fit properly. This helps to give you the most flattering look when you’re sporting shorts on the boardwalk.

Play With Patterns

There are no hard rules that limit you to only wearing solid colored tops. You can add excitement to your outfit by playing with patterns. Patterns are also a great way to break up the monotonous look of a solid color beachwear shirt. Consider Hawaiian printed shirts or floral printed shirts. You can also play with stripes from high-end brands, such as Circle of Gentleman, Eton and Robert Graham. Just make sure to use patterns that complement the shorts or pants you are wearing so you don’t let either garment overpower the other.

Try it on With Trunks

You can do double-duty with your swim trunks when you’re leaving the beach and heading to get something to eat on the boardwalk. Your beachwear shirt will make your outfit look complete while also giving you a convenient outfit without the need to change into a pair of shorts or jeans. Make sure you try on your swim trunks so that the patterns or colors don’t clash. You can opt for cool or classic prints or patterns that are trending right now, including stripes, patriotic trunks with stars and stripe patterns or solid color-blocked trunks.

Dare to Wear Denim

Don’t count out denim from your beachwear. When you get the right fabric and color, you can easily elevate the look of your beachwear shirt. When it comes to wearing denim, it’s about attention to detail, fit, fabric and color. You can opt for the light-wash jeans or distressed denim, which are on trend for 2018. Consider high-end denim brands, such as AG Jeans or Joe’s Jeans, that make jeans from high-quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear year-round.

Play With Themes

Mastering fashion trends often call for being able to identify themes so you can infuse it into your wardrobe, and 2018 offers several ones you can try. From tonal looks to tropical island themes, you can style your beachwear shirt based off of a theme. For instance, you can opt for a graphic t-shirt that puts a modern twist on tropical prints and pair it with tailored white shorts for an island-themed look. Another option is opting for the “dad look” at going for light-blue tonal pairings from head to toe, including a light-blue pair of denim shorts with a Hawaiian printed shirt. If you want to have a casual but cool look, consider pairing a Guayabera top with chino shorts.

Think About the Shoes

It’s important to wear shoes that are comfortable and can handle the terrain of the beach. Always make sure you have a pair of slides that you can easily put on and wear from the beach to the boardwalk. You can also opt for trending shoes, including light-colored slip-on style sneakers and low-tops.

Complement It With Accessories

The perfect men’s beachwear shirts often are complemented with the best accessories. So, don’t leave out your favorite hat or watch. Accessories add the finishing touch not only for your beachwear shirt but for your entire outfit as well. There are several options you can consider, too. From hats to sunglasses, there are several options for pairing the best accessories with your casual shirt for the beach.

One option is to sport the Panama-style hats or fedoras that are classic but come back year-after-year on the runways. Consider wayfarer-, aviator- or the trending clear acetate-style sunglasses to give a cool but sophisticated look to your garment. You can even add a polka dot or patterned bow tie to a polo-style shirt paired with aviators and cuffed linen shorts for a casual look.

Men’s Beachwear Trends for 2018

The latest trends for 2018 are easy to include in your beachwear ensemble to pair perfectly with your beachwear shirt of choice. By having a plan, you can style men’s beachwear shirts using the latest trends with ease.

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