Do you have lots and lots of weddings coming up? You might be attending the nuptials of nephews and neighbors, cousins and college buddies. You might also be looking to change your appearance from event to event. Let’s face it: The same black tux can get a little dull after a while.

Fortunately, there are many dignified ways to add variety and vitality to your suits. Some are subtle; others are a little more conspicuous. Either way, these men’s wedding suit ideas will mark you as a fashion insider — a guy who really knows his way around a menswear shop.

In Living Color

With semi-formal and casual events, you can experiment with colors to some degree. If a wedding is taking place in the spring or summer, and especially if it’s going to be outside, you might try a bright suit. Your choices include maroon, pale blue and if you’re somewhat daring, salmon.

When you’re heading to a beach wedding, you could rock a white suit. Note, however, that all-white suits are often a little too extreme for indoor venues.

Vivid patterns can really pop at a wedding. You might consider a suit that boasts two different but coordinated patterns. If done right, the effect can be dazzling. For example, you could have a suit with pinstripes and a necktie with thicker stripes.

Just be aware that mixing patterns is one of the trickier men’s wedding suit ideas. If your patterns clash, it can hurt people’s sensibilities and maybe their eyes. Fortunately, your tailor can help you identify patterns that will support each other.

Personalize Your Accessories

Jazzing up your wedding ensemble is sometimes a matter of finding the right accessories. Men’s fashion accessories are like musical notes. There aren’t a large number of them in existence, but their combinations are endless, and they can make beautiful compositions.

Let’s start with suspenders. Suspenders are hip throwbacks for your hips. They have loads of character, and they allow you to add a pattern or an additional color to your outfit. And, while you might not think of luxury when you think of suspenders, they actually come in a range of opulent materials these days, including leather and silk.

Pocket squares, meanwhile, are anything but square. It’s amazing how these fine pieces of cloth can accentuate the color of your tie, vest, shirt, jacket or even your eyes. The right pocket square adds texture and a sense of completeness to a wedding suit. It also tells the wedding party how much thought you put into your ensemble and thus how much the event means to you.

By the way, it’s worth it to learn how to fold your pocket square crisply and with precision.

For its part, a boutonniere will give your suit a splash of color and a hint of fragrance. It adds charm, and it puts people in mind of the great outdoors. Boutonnieres can also be a means of creative expression. If you want to think outside the flower box, you can bring to a wedding a boutonniere made of berries, herbal sprigs or another type of organic matter.

Whatever wedding accessories you plan to have on, be they cuff links or cummerbunds, just make sure that you feel comfortable with them. They should express your sense of style. That way, you can wear them with enthusiasm and flash them with pride.

We All Need a Solid Foundation

The most astute insider’s tip is simple. Get the best suit you can afford: the best fit, the best fabrics and so on. It’s fun to plan accessories, but they’re very much secondary to the suit itself. Few articles of clothing can compete with a top-notch tailored suit. The cut and construction of such a product can blow people away.

Courtesy of Instagram, here are a few examples of world-class suits. First, check out this vision from Ted Baker. Notice how the wristwatch provides an extra touch of class and the light blue tie a note of freshness. And, of course, the massive boutonniere would draw plenty of attention to this slimming suit.

Next up is this handsome Italian suit from Ravazzolo. The pattern is smart and understated, and the pocket square brings out the whiteness of the shirt. The model in this photo isn’t wearing a necktie, which is fine for a casual wedding. With a tie, though, this suit would be appropriate for a semi-casual affair.

Maybe suit accessories just aren’t your thing. That’s OK; they’re not for everyone. Indeed, this Hugo Boss selection shows how a suit can have so much character on its own that accessories would be almost superfluous. The high-water pants, the dark, narrow tie and the stately pattern all work together to create a distinctive and impressive look.

In truth, weddings are a little more fun when you feel like you’re one of the most stylish guests in the house. And, with these advanced men’s wedding suit ideas, you’ll really stand out as you shake hands at the reception and shake your stuff on the dance floor.
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