Every man knows that a good shave is as important as the fashionable clothes that they put on in the morning if they’re going to be taken seriously in the working world. While attitudes about facial hair have relaxed and it isn’t uncommon to see men in corporate environment with beards these days, many still prefer the look of a clean shave.

Unfortunately, quality shaving supplies can be a great expense. After all, buying a package of quality razor blades from the drug store can cost you more than $20 a pop! It’s also a pain to have to stock up on fresh razor blades frequently, and if you’re busy, it can be easy to forget to do so altogether, leaving you to shave for a few days with a blade that really needs to be tossed in the trash.

That’s why many are turning to Dollar Shave Club and Dollar Shave Club alternatives – to make shaving less expensive and make it just a little bit more convenient. But how do Dollar Shave Club and alternatives stack up to simply buying your own quality shaving supplies from the drug store or another reputable retailer?

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of Dollar Shave Club and Dollar Shave Club alternatives.

Dollar Shave Club

You might already be familiar with Dollar Shave Club, but if you’re not, the idea doesn’t take a lot of explaining to understand. The idea behind Dollar Shave Club is that every man, or woman for that matter, should be able to shave for less and with less hassle involved. Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service, meaning you choose a plan and are sent your shaving supplies on a monthly basis.

To begin, you purchase a Dollar Shave Club handle that will work with all of the blades. Then you choose between a $1, $6 and $9 per month plan. The difference in the pricing is the type of blade that you receive with each plan, starting with the $1 twin-blade razor and ramping up to the 6-blade “Executive” razor that costs the most.

Each package comes with four cartridges, except in the case of the twin-blade razor, which comes with five since you’ll need to change it out more. That means that you can change your blade weekly and always have a fresh one.

An important note is that the cheapest plan for the twin-blade razor does not include shipping and handling like the other two, so you’ll be paying that out of pocket for that.

Are the Dollar Shave Club Blades Any Good?

Dollar Shave Club gets a very large portion of the subscription shaving service business because they really were the first game in town. However, there are Dollar Shave Club alternatives out there that offer quality products and other unique features.

While Dollar Shave Club isn’t a bad service by any means, Dollar Shave Club alternatives may be a better bet for you.


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Harry’s, like Dollar Shave Club, is a subscription service that sends shaving supplies to you to save money and time getting them on your own. Unlike Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s has a different way of offering plans to users.

When you sign up with Harry’s, you pick a plan based on how frequently you shave. The ‘Everyday Shaver’ package comes once every two months, while the ‘Occasional Shaver’ package is sent only four times per year. The ‘Infrequent Shaver’ package is sent every five months.

With Harry’s subscription service, you get a package that contains 8 blades to match their signature handle and 2 shaving creams. You are charged $31 per package, but how often you get the packages depends on which plan you choose.

When it comes to quality, Harry’s blades get great reviews from customers, so there’s no reason to think they’re any worse than what you’d get at the drug store. Of course your own shaving needs may be different than those of others, but Harry’s blades seem to do the job for discerning men, making them one of the best Dollar Shave Club alternatives around.


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ShaveMob is one of the lesser known, but growing, Dollar Shave Club alternatives that men and women area swearing by. Like a combination of Dollar Shave Club and Harry's, you select a razor handle and then pick which type of blade you want, from basic to premium.

Once you choose your package, ShaveMob will send your first supply of razors that will last you two months. With ShaveMob, the quality razors are designed to be replaced only once every two weeks. Unlike Dollar Shave Club and Dollar Shave Club alternatives like Harry’s, with ShaveMob you need to reorder on your own when you’re ready. Whether or not you find this control convenient or a burden really depends on you.

ShaveMob blades start at just $2 per month, but you’re given a variety of choices that can push your bill closer to $12. When it comes to quality, ShaveMob seems to be getting great reviews from satisfied customers at a pretty bargain basement price.

Shaving regularly keeps you looking your best, but it’s an expense and hassle most men don’t want to be bothered with. Using Dollar Shave Club or one of the Dollar Shave Club alternatives here could be the answer to a good simple shave.

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