Custom Suit PricesIf you want to look your very best for an upcoming social or business event, it’s wise to pursue designer custom suits in Bergen County. Nothing fits better than a clean, streamlined suit that is custom tailored to fit you; but how much will it cost? Of course, as you might expect, beautifully hand-tailored clothing is more expensive than mass-produced, off-the-rack garments. However, the final look and feel of a new custom-tailored suit is well worth the investment.

Here’s a look at some of the many factors that play a role in determining custom suit prices in Bergen County.

Custom Suit Material

Perhaps the largest determining factor when it comes to price is the material you have your custom suit made from. Available fabrics range in price from a few dollars per yard to a few hundred dollars per yard. Since a suit requires 3.5 yards or more of fabric, it’s clear how widely the cost of raw materials alone can vary.

Fabric price is determined by fiber type, quality and weave. Synthetics, such as rayon and polyester, are the least expensive fabrics available. Cotton is next on the price scale, with varying costs based on fiber length, cleanliness and country of origin. The most expensive fabrics are wools produced from animal coats, such as sheep, goats and rabbits.

Most designer custom suits in Bergen County are made of wool, but the precise blend you choose affects the drape, luster, texture and durability of the clothing, which is reflected in the cost. Cheap wool is made from old, repurposed fibers while the best material is virgin sheep wool spun in reputable, established mills.

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Custom Suit Lining Options

While sometimes overlooked, the lining is what gives a suit jacket its structure and prevents it from wrinkling. It also insulates the jacket for a more comfortable wear in cold weather.

Polyester is an example of a less expensive synthetic jacket lining material. Silk, on the other hand, is a natural material that offers a more luxurious look and feel. Different colors and patterns are also available, but these affect the price less than the precise material you choose.

Stitching in Custom Suits

This factor can be broken down into two primary categories. First is the stitching material. The more durable thread a tailor uses, the longer the suit will last. The second is hand-sewing vs. mass production in a factory. The difference here is like comparing a home-cooked meal by a professional chef vs. a microwave dinner; the end products are similar, but the quality is a world apart.

While a large portion of custom suits are carefully sewn using a human-operated sewing machine, the tailor also has the option to manipulate certain parts of the fabric by hand. This creates small nuances that give the custom suit greater dimension and flexibility.

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Buttons on Custom Suits

Buttons affect a suit’s price more than you may realize. You must not only consider the buttons on the front of the jacket, but also the buttons on the suit sleeves, suit lining pockets and elsewhere on the clothing. Depending on how many buttons you decide on for each area of your suit coat, you could end up with anywhere from about five to, well, over a dozen buttons.

If you choose plastic buttons, the price drops, while buttons made of horn and corozo (a type of nut) increase the quality of the finished product and therefore increase the cost as well. While some buttons are obviously plastic, others are more difficult to tell. Insist on horn or corozo buttons because they are tougher than plastic and have beautiful variegations between one button and the next.

On the topic of buttons, working cuffs are also a sign of a higher-quality custom suit because they convey the extra effort involved in the suit’s construction. You can exhibit this function and show that you’re wearing a high-end suit by leaving the button closest to the cuff undone.

Exploring Custom Suit Fit

In general, the more specific the fit is, the more the suit costs. For example, if the garment’s pattern is designed to fit most body types, it is priced lower because it caters to a larger audience. A suit made to fit a sporty or thin body type is more expensive because it targets a smaller audience willing to pay a higher price for a better fit.

Unless you have exactly the right body type, a mass-produced, off-the-rack suit requires some tailoring before you can expect it to fit well. Skip the frustration of shopping for suits off the rack and seek designer custom suits in Bergen County instead. Made-to-measure suits conform to your body perfectly with a fit and drape you thought you could only dream of wearing.

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Custom Suit Construction

The skills by which suits are assembled greatly affect the cost. Construction by machine is cheap and quick, which brings down the cost but also the quality. Hand-sewn suits take time and skill to complete, thus raising the cost. However, the greater durability and precise fit make it a higher-quality investment you can be proud to wear to any formal event.

Custom Suit Brands

When you choose a name brand like Canali or Jack Victor, part of what you pay for is the brand’s reputation, which ensures a premium product and a high level of prestige while wearing the suit. A no-name brand may come at a fraction of the cost, but you lose the high-quality fabric, attention to detail during the construction phase, proper fit and contemporary style that only designer custom suits in Bergen County can offer.

As a modern Bergen County man, you shouldn’t settle for less than the expert tailors at Sal Lauretta for Men. Our top-of-the-line custom fit process combines the nuances of quality fabric and flattering silhouette with the specific needs and expectations you have when seeking designer custom suits in Bergen County. Schedule a consultation and begin your journey with us today.

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