custom tailored suitsBuying a suit can be an enjoyable process for men that love to shop. However, the results you get with a suit you buy off the rack and tailor to fit you may not be quite as good as you’re looking for, especially if you have discerning tastes.

That’s why many men turn to custom tailored suits that are specifically made for them. While you might think custom work is only for rich guys that drive $200,000 cars, the fact is that almost any man with a job can afford a custom suit in his wardrobe.

In fact, that custom suit could even help you look better at work and get that promotion you’ve been gunning for for as long as you can remember.

If you’re considering buying a suit off the rack, you should reconsider right now. Keep reading and learn our five reasons why you need to invest in custom tailored suits rather than buying another suit from a menswear store that sells the same old brands time and time again.

1. Better Fit

If you ask the average man what the most important part of a suit is, chances are he won’t quite know what to tell you. If you ask a tailor or a very stylish man though, he’s probably going to tell you that fit comes first and that’s what really matters when you purchase a suit.

When you buy a suit off the rack, you may be able to have a tailor work on it to make it look a little bit better. When you purchase a custom tailored suit, you’ll get one of the best fitting garments that you’ve ever had on and you won’t want to take it off.

The reason custom tailored suits fit so much better than off the rack versions is because they’re designed just for you. Your tailor will take your exact measurements and make the suit to fit your needs and styling guidelines.

They’ll even work with you to do things like hide that little bit of belly fat around the waist or make your legs look longer.

The process of getting measured for custom tailored suits takes a little longer, but you would be hard-pressed to find a man that owns a custom suit who would tell you that it wasn’t worth that little bit of extra time.

custom tailored suits

2. More Fabric Options

Suits that come off the rack are pretty easy to find in basic colors like black, navy blue, midnight blue and charcoal. You might even find suits that are more unique shades of blue since it’s a popular color this year, as well as some stripes and plaids.

However, if you’re looking for a very unique pattern for your suit, you’re not going to find it in a department store or menswear store. In fact, you probably won’t even find much in the way of high-quality materials or tropical wools that can be worn year-round in a variety of different climates.

When you choose custom tailored suits, you’ll have the ability to pick out any material you want and your tailor will most likely have hundreds of different options that meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a solid for winter, a stripe for summer or a unique material like fine linen, you can get it when you choose custom tailored suits.

You’ll also be able to pick between many textures and weights.

custom tailored suits

3. Styling Choices

Suits that you buy off the rack tend to come in the most popular styles of the day. If you go into a department store or menswear store today, you’ll probably see lots of slim fit suits and ultra-slim fit suits hanging for you to browse through.

These suits are going to have very slim, straight legs and narrow lapels because those are popular with the more fashionable set and younger crowd these days.

You’ll likely also see some traditional cut suits with a fuller seat, waist and body. These suits tend to be marketed more toward men in their 40’s and 50’s who prefer a suit that doesn’t fit quite so close to the body. Many times, men buy this type of suit because that’s what their mentors and bosses who are a bit older are wearing.

When you choose to buy custom tailored suits you can have any look that you want. Maybe you prefer an English-style cut with slightly wider lapels and a more relaxed seat, but not quite a “traditional” cut that reminds you of what your father always wore to work.

Maybe you do want that ultra-slim look, but you prefer your lapels a little bit wider and you want a cuff on your pants?

No matter what you’re looking for, you can get it when you choose custom tailored suits over ones you buy off the rack.

4. Unique Customization

Buying right off the rack means you’re going to get a pretty traditional and basic suit. You’ll get buttons that are standard, pockets that are typical and appointments like lining that are on par with the jacket and pants you’re buying.

Custom suits don’t come with pre-set appointments though, so that means that you get to choose all of the details on your own based on your budget and desires.

Many men who buy custom tailored suits include special lining in their suits to make them ideal for winter or summer wear. Other men may pick specialty buttons made from materials like onyx, mother of pearl, brass or even high-quality gold.

Guys that are even more discerning may also want specific types of pockets and even angled pockets to better fit their needs and the way they plan on using the suit they’re ordering.

Even if you don’t know you want when it comes to custom options, your tailor may be able to give you some useful ideas. Wouldn’t you like a pocket on the inside of your jacket for your smartphone so it isn’t bumping up against your hip all day?

When you choose custom tailored suits you can have pretty much anything your heart desires!

custom tailored suits

5. Less Hassle

When you tell most men that they get to pick out custom materials, the exact fit and have to sit for a fitting, they’ll say it sounds like a little bit of hassle just for a suit. However, the truth is that getting a custom suit made is a whole lot less hassle than looking for the right thing off the rack.

Just think about the process of buying off the rack. Even if you know what you want, how are you going to find it? If you’re like most men, you’ll do it by searching a bunch of different menswear stores and trying on a whole lot of different suits.

Even if you devote a whole day to finding the right suit off the rack there’s a good chance you could go home empty handed.

When you buy custom tailored suits you go to one tailor and they help you find what you want. A skilled and experienced tailor can help you find the right material, fit and take measurements in just a few hours.

Save time and pick custom tailored suits.


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