custom tailored suits vs. regular fitThe clothes may not make the man, but a good suit can go a long way toward helping a man in his career and personal life. That’s why many men wonder whether they should be buying custom tailored suits vs. regular fit suits.

Whether you wear a suit every single day for work or you just need to have a few excellent ones in your closet for special occasions, suits that fit the right way are something every man should have.

However, getting a suit that perfectly fits your body just isn’t that easy when you shop at a department store or one of the big name menswear stores. While it is possible to purchase a suit off the rack and have it tailored to fit your body, the quality of custom tailored suits vs. regular fit suits just isn’t the same. You won’t get the same quality with a regular off the rack suit, either.

Use this guide to help you figure out why you should buy custom tailored suits vs. regular fit suits when it’s time to fill out your wardrobe with quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

Buying off the Rack

Buying a high-quality suit off the rack from a department or menswear store is possible if you’re willing to spend top dollar. However, unless you fit the exact measurements of a suit as is – and almost no man does – you’ll always look best in tailored suits.

That’s why when comparing custom tailored suits vs. regular fit suits you also need to take the cost of a good tailor into account. A high-quality off the rack suit might seem like a good deal if you buy at the right time, but a skilled tailor is going to add at least a few hundred dollars to the overall price.

custom tailored suits vs. regular fit

Slim Fit Suits vs. Regular Fit Suits

Slim fit suits are all the rage right now and you’ll see them on the cover and in the pages of every men’s style and fashion magazine. While slim fit suits that harken back to the 1950s and 1960s can look great, they may not be right for every man. When deciding between slim fit custom tailored suits vs. regular suits, there are a lot of different things to take into account.

Slim Fit vs. Regular Fit: What’s the Difference?

Most men know that slim fit suits are popular, but unless you’re really up on your suit styles you may not know the immediate differences. Perhaps the most important difference between slim fit suits and regular fit suits is the overall cut.

Slim fit suits tend to adhere to the body more. Suit jackets hug the body and leave less room around the waist. In general, a slim fit suit is snug but not so tight that the back or shoulders pull when you move. While you might see this on some slim fit suits you try on off the rack, that isn’t the proper fit.

The pants of slim fit suits also tend to be more tapered around the seat, thigh, calf and ankle as well. Overall, slim fit suits look a bit more streamlined. Slim fit suits generally have other details that are unique to them, like narrow lapels, but those things can be decided by you when you buy a custom suit.

custom tailored suits vs. regular fit

Regular fit suits tend to be a bit less tapered around the body. A suit jacket may not hug the waist quite as much, but one that fits properly won’t look baggy or oversized. There shouldn’t be an excess amount of material around the hips or shoulders on a regular fit suit.

The pants that are part of a regular fit suit tend to provide a little more room around the seat, thigh, calf and ankle. While some men prefer this because it could be perceived as more comfortable, a quality slim fit suit shouldn’t feel painted on. Some regular fit suits may have more of a break around the ankle and you’re much more likely to see a cuff on a regular fit suit than a slim fit one.

What’s Your Work Environment Like?

The type of suit that you choose to wear on a regular basis really depends partly on what your work environment is like. Slim fit suits are extremely popular in the media, but if you work in a corporate environment or structured business where formality is still very important, slim fit may not be the right answer for you.

On the other hand, if you work in a creative environment or one where employees tend to be younger, you may feel out of place in a suit that isn’t particularly of the moment. Slim fit suits tend to dominate fashion-forward workplaces right now, and wearing a suit that isn’t a slim fit may put you behind the curve in some eyes.

When you’re picking out a suit, take note of what people in your office are wearing. You don’t have to dress exactly like everybody else, and personal style can help set you apart, but you don’t want a suit that’s appropriate for a Wall Street financial firm if you work for a fine art retailer. The reverse is true as well.

custom tailored suits vs. regular fit

Consider Your Body Type

When you choose what suit type to buy you should take your body type into account as well. Slimmer men tend to look better in slim fit suits, but that’s not always the rule. Just because you’re carrying a few extra pounds doesn’t mean a slim fit suit can’t work for you.

However, a regular fit suit may be a better option for very large men since it can make your body look more streamlined and less exposed. Some men that are particularly tall may also find that a slim fit suit elongates their frame in a way that they don’t find flatter. The opposite is true as well – some men on the shorter side may feel more comfortable in a slim fit suit.

Why You Should Choose a Custom Suit

Whether you prefer slim fit custom tailored suits or regular fit suits, buying custom has multiple benefits for every single man. First and foremost, the quality of a custom suit simply can’t be beat and the attention to detail is second to none.

custom tailored suits vs. regular fit

You also get to choose your material and style. The ability to choose custom tailored suits vs. regular fit suits to your needs is why many men choose to purchase one in the first place. Perhaps you prefer a suit that’s somewhere between a slim fit suit and a regular fit suit. When you choose to have a custom suit made for you, your wishes and desires come first to help you get the ultimate suit.


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