New York City is a fast-paced metropolis, and every guy who wants to move up the ladder knows how important looking the part really is. If you work on Wall Street, dressing for the part is a whole lot more important than you would think.

The reason why what you wear on Wall Street is so important is because there really does seem to be a hierarchy of what you put on in the morning. Unlike most businesses, even ones that are somewhat competitive, Wall Street workers don’t mind ribbing a two year associate for wearing a pair of shoes that would be expensive even for an executive.

Use this guide to help you learn more about the Wall Street dress hierarchy and custom suits in NYC. After all, custom suits in NYC can be appropriate for any man on Wall Street as long as he wears them right.

Just Getting Started

When you first arrive on Wall Street, you’re going to be the bottom rung of the ladder, and chances are you’re going to stay there for at least your first year or two. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to know where you stand when it comes to buying custom suits in NYC and working on Wall Street.

Newbies to the Wall Street scene need to keep their looks understated and a bit less flashy than their superiors, which unfortunately (when you’re starting out), is everybody except the guy that drops off the mail. For the most part, that means suits that are relatively plain in business colors like navy, midnight blue and charcoal.

Your best bet when it comes to materials is something durable and of decent quality that you can wear pretty much year round like tropical wool or a cotton-wool blend. You’re going to want to get a few well-made suits that you can rotate to keep your basic looks from getting too stale.

When it comes to accessories, you’ll also want to keep the look pretty simple. Go for quality ties, but don’t spring for the finest silk in the shop. If you must wear a pocket square, opt for a basic fold in a plain color.


By the time you reach the associate level you’ve probably been working on Wall Street for at least two to three years, though a lot of people don’t make it until five or more years in. While you’re still not a star in the big leagues, you can bring a little more flair into your look when it comes time to buying custom suits in NYC.

You’ll be making more money as an associate, so you should be putting more into your wardrobe. That means higher quality materials like wool and natural fibers for the summer months when it’s hot outside.

You’ll also be able to put a little more color into your wardrobe as an associate without the fear of being called out for your showy style. Bold ties, a pair of bright socks and even a printed pocket square are all within reach.

custom suits in nyc


Once you reach the VP level, you’re probably starting to bring in enough money to pay your bills and put something away each month. You should still have enough money left over for a decent wardrobe, and better custom suits in NYC are a good place to start.

Custom suits in NYC for guys at the VP level can be a little flashier. You might want to think about adding a stripe or bold plaid to your wardrobe. Of course, you’ll still want high-quality materials, so don’t think just because you’re getting something bold you should cut back on quality.

Better shoes, flashier ties and finer wrist watches should start entering the picture here. You might even be able to get away with a pair of cufflinks or suspenders instead of a belt. After all, you’re firmly in the Wall Street inner circle now.

Sky’s the Limit

So you’ve been promoted past the VP level and you’re a star now. Maybe you’re an executive or you’re so close to that brass ring that you can almost taste it. Whatever the case, it’s time to step up your suit game if you want to run with the big dogs.

Now that you’ve got the money, custom suits in NYC should probably mean bespoke suits. There’s nothing wrong with off the rack, but you’ll get some truly wonderful garments made specifically for you if you don’t mind paying the extra bucks.

In terms of style, you can pretty much pull anything off that you want. Don’t be afraid of flashy shirts with different color cuffs and collars. Embrace bold stripes and proudly wear patterns that you like. Don’t forget to mix in some fine silk ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and watches.

custom suits in nyc

How Do I Get Started?

Whatever level you’re at on Wall Street, you can get custom suits in NYC from reputable tailors like Sal Lauretta for Men. Even if you’re young and hungry, you can still get a great suit from our menswear store. We care about how you look and know how to outfit you for Wall Street.

Best of all, you’ll begin building a relationship with a tailor that will carry you through your career as a well-dressed man in the mean streets and board rooms of Wall Street.


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